Telecom Expense Management for Today’s Modern Businesses


Automation & analytics deliver a positive ROI

Simplify, manage, and optimize your telecom orders, inventory, invoices, and expenses with the industry’s leading TEM solution. From global enterprises to mid-market, Tangoe One telecom expense management (TEM) provides essential tools for end-to-end lifecycle TEM to drive efficiencies, cost savings, predictability, and innovation for your business. Know what services you have, who is using them, and how much they’re costing in real time to get maximum value and ROI on your telecom investments.



Streamline processes, reduce manual tasks and leverage a broad range of integrations that seamlessly interact with your business systems



Gain visibility and control in a single, centralized source of truth with detailed reporting & analytics



Reduce errors, drive resource efficiencies, strengthen compliance and security across the organization with automation-driven workflows


Global energy company exceeds $2M savings target by $700K

End-to-end lifecycle management

Order management

Discover the best way to identify spikes in monthly spending, and ensure you’re getting optimal services from the right vendors.

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TEM Telecom Expense Management

Inventory management

Get a clear picture of the services you have in order to better understand what you need.

Invoice management

Stay on top of your Telecom invoices to avoid unnecessary service disruptions, overages or late fees.
TEM Telecom Expense Management
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Expense management

Organize your telecom expenses for greater visibility, control and accountability across your business.

Auditing & optimization

Only pay for what you need, use, and agree to. Nothing more; nothing less.
Audit & Optimize - TEM
TEM Telecom Expense Management

Automation answers the top IT challenges in 2022

Read the ZK Research report to find out what 200 enterprises cited as their most daunting challenges and how they are overcoming them with automation.

Discover complete enterprise technology management

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