Rivermine Application for Telecom, Mobile and Cloud.

Part of Tangoe’s complete solution, this application provides capabilities that help enterprises effectively manage their telecom, mobile and cloud assets. It provides visibility into orders, spend, all telecom assets and service inventory linked to locations. You can accurately allocate costs to the appropriate cost centers and identify opportunities for optimization and cost control.

Rivermine improves enterprise efficiency with the application of automation and custom workflows while detailed reporting and analytics improve corporate decision making. It gives you the tools to effectively power your business and your people.

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Gain complete visibility into how much you are spending and what you’re spending it on by linking your expenses and assets to departments or cost centers—all in one place.


Transform complex data into meaningful information through reporting and analytics so you can make informed business decisions.


Customize workflows and implement standard processes to efficiently manage fixed and mobile assets and improve accountability.

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One complete solution to manage your order, invoice, inventory, and expenses for telecom, mobile and cloud.

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