Tangoe 5G Accelerator

A unique Advisory Services offer that enables business customers to automate the upgrade of their entire iPhone fleet and get 5G on the latest iPhone at little to no upfront cost.

As businesses are enabling their employees to work from anywhere, it’s important for employers to provide them with the best tools for success. With Tangoe’s iPhone® Fleet Replacement Offer, we enable businesses to automate the upgrade of their entire iPhone fleet, and get 5G on the latest iPhone at little to no upfront cost.

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Benefits of Tangoe’s 5G Accelerator Offer

We do the following with Tangoe for Apple’s iPhone Fleet Replacement Offer:

  • Help transition employees from legacy 4G technology on to Apple’s 5G iPhone®
  • Assist with the recovery of legacy devices to capture maximum residual value
  • Leverage existing fleet value to help fund the transition to 5G iPhone®
  • Create budget by reducing cellular carrier expenses

Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

With Tangoe for Apple’s 5G accelerator you are not restricted to whatever offer the carrier finds for you.  Your teams will no longer have to rely on outdated technology to work from anywhere, and we can handle all of your device-logistics needs so the right device is with the right person. Our Advisory Team will analyze what you are paying now and negotiate the best possible rates with your carrier contracts based on our historical benchmarking data.  

Device Buyback

Leverage the value of your existing mobile fleet and trade those devices in for the latest 5G devices from Apple.  

How it Works

  • Identify rate plan savings
  • Assess fleet trade-in value
  • Evaluate iPhone offers
  • Right-size contracts
  • Automate provisioning
  • Offload return logistics
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In 2020, many organizations and — consequently many workers — transitioned to a work-from-home setup which has now evolved into both full-time remote and hybrid models.

Learn about the latest workforce trends, the benefits of the latest iPhone®, 5G technology, and how Tangoe helps enable businesses to upgrade to these devices, while also having a centralized view to effectively manage their mobile estate.

Infographic: Tangoe for Apple TCO Lifecycle Management

Our partnership with Apple allows us to build a series of solution enhancements and direct tie-ins with Apple Business Manager, AppleCare for Enterprise, and GSX. The result? Our customers have full visibility of their Apple environment to enable more effective management of their Apple fleet.

Download our infographic to learn how Tangoe for Apple brings together the best devices with the best MMS solution.

Overview Sheet: Tangoe 5G Accelerator iPhone Fleet Replacement Offer

Learn more about a unique Tangoe Advisory Services (TAS) offer that enables business customers to automate the upgrade of their entire iPhone® fleet, and get 5G on the latest iPhone. We will we assess, optimize, and upgrade your iPhone fleet to 5G at little to no net cost.

Download our overview sheet to learn more about our 5G Accelerator offer.