IT Cost Management: DIY or Outsource? 

At Tangoe, we like to simplify this decision by framing it as an equation for success, defining how much of the project depends on people, process, versus technology.

Tangoe Advisory Services Cost Savings Assessment 

Most companies are overspending on their mobile and telecom services by 15-30% on average. Want to see how much you could save? Ask Tangoe Advisory Services to perform a free Cost Savings Assessment.

More Use Cases for Hiring an IT Cost Management Consultant

In this article series, we examine the top eight use cases for hiring an IT cost management consultant. Explore the first four use cases here.  IT spending advisories provide the confidence of data-driven decision making, purchasing backed by the latest pricing benchmarks, and support at key transition points. Here are the top use cases for […]

8 Use Cases for Hiring an IT Cost Management Consultant

With today’s economic headwinds, IT leaders are being asked to make more efficient use of their IT budgets and technology assets. One study shows 83% of CIOs are under pressure to make their budgets stretch further than ever before. This has IT financial leaders thinking more about hiring an IT cost management consultant to minimize […]

Tangoe Advisory Services Gap to Market Assessment

Tangoe Advisory Services Gap to Market Assessment photo

Tangoe’s consultants have decades of experience in the
industry working across all technology services, all geographies and virtually every carrier or vendor in the world. Our database of $34B is the largest in the industry and allows our team to help businesses of all sizes find the right service, at the right terms and for the right price.

Tangoe Advisory Services: Navigating Global Initiatives with Expertise and Efficiency

Tangoe Advisory Services Navigating Global Initiatives with Expertise and Efficiency image

This video features Maidy Whitesell, member of the Tangoe Advisory Services team. She describes how Tangoe helps clients with global initiatives such as new market entry and geographical expansion while ensuring compliance with local regulatory policies. Video mentions how businesses can use Tangoe’s telecom, mobile, and cloud services, conduct audits, negotiates contracts, and create a central baseline inventory to meet clients’ IT and business goals.

Tangoe Advisory Services: Simplifying the Complexities of Mergers and Acquisitions

Tangoe Advisory Services Simplifying the Complexities image

This video features Mike Bruesewitz from Tangoe Advisory Services discussing how his team provides support to clients during mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and office consolidations. He explains how his team audits clients’ technology stack, handles important tasks, and works to ensure a smooth transition with the goal of securing the best plans and maximizing value for the client’s business.

Tangoe Advisory Services: Accelerating Growth through Digital Transformation

Tangoe Advisory Services Accelerating Growth image

This video features Jason Wile, a member of Tangoe Advisory Services. TAS team helps clients migrate complex infrastructure to new technology and services, leveraging his deep domain expertise to drive innovation and growth. TAS’ goal is to relieve IT staff during transitions and provide optimal solutions, from selection to implementation of new services, including POTS to SIP/VoIP, MPLS to SD-WAN, Data Center to Cloud, and traditional Call Centers to CCaaS. Tangoe can help manage the entire project or be part of the client’s team to ensure a successful transition.

Tangoe Advisory Services: Expert Contract Negotiation for Telecom, Mobile and Cloud

Tangoe Advisory Services Expert Contract Negotiation for Telecom Mobile and Cloud image

The video features Lewis Hill, a member of the Tangoe Advisory Services. TAS provides support for contract negotiation and benchmarking for Telecom, Mobile, and Cloud services. TAS team leverages their expertise and carrier relationships to help clients get the best plans and terms at market-leading prices while optimizing their savings to meet their business needs.

Staff Augmentation

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Keeping up with the day-to-day responsibilities of an IT leader can be a challenge. You are responsible for making sure the technology is always on, your employees are productive and that you’re innovating in new ways to drive revenue and a positive…

Global TEM

Global TEM Cover Image

A multinational company known for marketing power tools and accessories, hardware, home improvement products, and technology-based fastening systems turned to Tangoe for help managing their Network and Mobile device expenses and optimize…