July 5, 2016

Having just completed our recently announced transaction with Vodafone, it hit close to home when we learned that our new partner was considering moving its corporate headquarters out of Britain after that country recently voted to exit the European Community. The uncertainties that Brexit brings to the business community are especially profound for Vodafone given […]

October 19, 2015

There is a lot of disagreement in politics nowadays.  As we enter another national election cycle, differences get more pronounced and debates more vitriolic.  However, whether you advocate for more spending or for less spending, it would be hard to find someone who is in favor of wasteful spending. And yet, it seems, especially in […]

September 8, 2015

Have you ever wondered about the difference between managing budgets versus managing spend?  The reality is, most professionals don’t think or worry about the seemingly slight dissimilarity. They believe, in fact, that they are actually the same thing.  This is understandable given the analogous linguistic nature of the terms used, but in reality, the terms […]

July 27, 2015

Shane Stowells discusses the evolution of TEM, managed services and the value of Tangoe. According to a recent report from analyst firm Markets and Markets, “The [TEM] market is projected to grow from $1.14 billion in 2014 to worth $3.43 billion by 2019.” In our mobile-everything world, savvy enterprises are coupling TEM with enterprise mobility […]

July 16, 2015

Over the last 30 years, Information Technology has evolved into one of an enterprise’s most strategic disciplines.  And, as the pace of technological innovation continues to accelerate, this trend will only become more pronounced. But as IT departments rush to meet the needs of their internal customers (and to keep track of shadow IT as it […]