Gain Visibility, Control and Insight into Your On-demand Network Infrastructure

As IT resources continue to be virtualized, your enterprise network will need to be re-architected to accommodate on-demand bandwidth models. This will lead to challenges in consumption management, cost allocation, and vendor complexity.

The larger challenge resides in having complete insight into your entire global network infrastructure. If you don’t know what your network infrastructure looks like, then you aren’t able to accurately manage spend or take full advantage of the benefits of technology to drive digital transformation success.

Gain Visibility Across Your Entire Network Infrastructure

Tangoe’s Technology Lifecycle Management for Network solutions allow you to manage bandwidth across your entire network. With an accurate record of what you have and visibility into usage and compliance, you’ll be better poised to understand the costs and benefits associated with your network technologies.

You’ll gain actionable insight in order to:

  • Profile and manage network assets
  • Analyze and model transitions to SIP, MPLS, and SDN in support of transformation initiatives
  • Manage network resources with workflow and asset change order management
  • Enforce regulatory and corporate governance
  • Leverage on-demand cost models to manage and optimize spend while providing forecasting, budgeting and trend analysis
  • Ensure efficient provisioning of the right services to support the business
  • Reconcile supplier invoices to assets and contract rates
  • Monitor and improve network service levels
  • Reduce and manage network service delivery costs
  • Reduce network total cost of ownership
  • Audit and validate your network services
  • Identify optimization opportunities including consolidation of network providers

Discover how Tangoe’s Technology Lifecycle Management for Network solutions can help bring order to your network infrastructure.




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