Overcome Cloud Management Barriers and Drive Digital Transformation Success

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the business landscape and accelerating the pace of transformation, leaving many IT leaders, who are responsible for cost control, struggling to properly understand and control spending on public cloud services. Decentralized management leads to overspending, missed opportunities to cut costs, and an overall lack of insight into where costs are allocated throughout the business. By centralizing the management of cloud expenses, IT leaders can analyze and optimize their cloud spending and ensure cloud services are bringing true value to the business.

Optimize Costs and Gain Centralized Visibility into all Expenses and Vendors

Let Tangoe’s Technology Lifecycle Management for Cloud solution help you analyze and optimize your cloud investments by centralizing and providing visibility into cloud services and expenses through a single solution. Our Cloud solution enables inventory visibility, usage governance, and spend management, which are key to achieving the operational excellence that drives digital transformation.

With Tangoe’s Technology Lifecycle Management for Cloud, you’ll benefit from the following:

Cloud Expense Optimization:
Gain a complete view of all cloud spend across providers and across your business to optimize costs, minimize waste, and maximize savings opportunities.

Cloud License Management:
Enable transparency into licenses and capacity to minimize waste, reduce costs, and fill security gaps. Centralize the management of licenses and capacity, reassignment of unused licenses, identification of licenses assigned to employees who have left, while also linking licenses to users who carry a cost center/department.

Discover how Tangoe’s Technology Lifecycle Management can help bring order to your cloud infrastructure.




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