Enterprise Mobility as a Service


Make It Simple.

We get it. Enterprise mobility is a microcosm for the challenges you face in IT every day. Mobile technologies have added an incredible amount of complexity to an already complex IT landscape. With fewer and fewer resources, you’ve never felt less in control. And, you’re feeling the pressure to be responsive to the information needs of the business.

From carrier differences and new plans to changing device subsidies and new security risks as data gets stored on any number of cloud-connected devices, it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Let us handle the complexities so you can enable employee productivity and top-line growth, and still keep corporate data secure. With Tangoe’s Mobility-as-a-Service enterprise mobility is simple:

Simple Billing.
Pay a fixed price for device + plan + service.

Simple Deployment.
Choose a device and plan that works best for each employee.

Simple Management.
DEP, Knox, Android for Work™ enabled

Make It Predictable.

The last thing you need are surprises. But constant change makes it harder to avoid them. And you’ve got more to track than ever. Let us take the burden of staying current with carrier and mobile technology changes.Deliver enterprise mobility with one fixed monthly price per employee for phone, multi-carrier service and support. With Tangoe’s Mobility-as-a-Service enterprise mobility is predictable:

Predictable Costs.
No more overages.

Predictable Service.
No more carrier coverage gaps

Predictable Savings.
Learn how much you can save using Tangoe’s Mobility-as-a-Service.

Make It Tangoe.

Discover why Tangoe’s Mobility-as-a-Service might be the right solution for you.