Does Your EMM Solution Just Get In Employees’ Way?

Many organizations already outsource Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to third-party partners to relieve the resource-heavy workload that mobility management adds. EMM stacks offer powerful solutions but can be complex and require highly specialized knowledge and resources that your in-house IT teams don’t have.

When your EMM solution is not precisely tuned, your employees experience issues with email and other tools that prevent them from doing their job effectively.

Leverage Specialized Expertise to Mitigate Your Mobile Security Risks

Optimize, monitor, and streamline enrollment and security support for all mobile employees utilizing Tangoe Mobile Policy Governance. Our solution delivers a seamless integration of your EMM stack with your organization’s infrastructure and network to effectively manage your mobile enterprise.

Our EMM health-check analyzes your current environment to deliver and help implement a custom playbook for EMM integration and support. After implementation, any device that connects to your global network is monitored and managed based on corporate policy.

What you get:

  • EMM Optimization—Ensures you get the most out of your EMM stack.
  • EMM Set-Up and Configuration—Helps to set-up and connect your EMM solution properly.
  • EMM Management—Provides ongoing support to help manage your mobile enterprise.
  • EMM End-User Service desk—Answers any questions via a support line for your users.

Discover how Tangoe can help you realize your EMM vision and achieve a fully compliant mobile infrastructure.




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