Are Enterprise Mobility Challenges Exhausting Your Time and Resources?

Keeping employees productive, with the devices and apps they need, can be both complicated and tedious. Without the right systems and procedures in place, users encounter problems with email, work apps, or the devices themselves. Any issue not resolved quickly creates a drop in productivity and a spike in employee frustration.

Digital Transformation Depends on Mobile-enabled, Always Productive Employees

Tangoe enables all aspects of global mobile device management, from procurement and deployment to support and replacement, allowing you to focus more on driving business growth. With Tangoe Mobile Deployment and Support, employees choose approved devices and plans via a simple portal. We make sure every device is properly configured and connected—right out of the box.

Reliable service-desk support provided by our experienced team ensures employees stay productive when they have issues and questions. When a device is broken or lost, we get your team a replacement, eliminating the need for employees to go to retail store, a device manufacturer, or mobile carrier helpdesk.

What you get:

  • Mobile Enablement—Allows employees to receive their mobile devices quickly and securely.
  • Self-Service Portal—Enables employees to order and manage approved device requests and contracts through an intuitive web-based portal.
  • Device Fulfillment and Replacement—Sends employees the devices they ordered, and when needed, replaces or repairs them quickly without reducing employee productivity.
  • Mobile Support—Addresses all mobile end-user concerns via reliable service-desk support.
  • Device Recycle—Guarantees devices are wiped of all company data and disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Discover how Tangoe can help you keep employees up and running on their mobile devices and stay productive.




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