The mission of the Tangoe User Group (TUG) is to foster an open exchange of ideas, best practices, and experiences among members. Using a forum that is designed to promote collaboration, accountability, and partnership with Tangoe and, its Clients, it seeks to maximize the effectiveness and utility of Tangoe’s products and services for Tangoe’s clients, promote their best use and provide client input for future product development.

User Group Activities

Best Practices – Best Practices calls cut across all Tangoe applications. It is an opportunity to benchmark and see how other firms address similar challenges. Schedule: (Monthly) 2nd Wed Monthly 2-3 PM EST

Rivermine User Group (Monthly) 2nd Wed Monthly 11-12 PM EST

Product Steering Committees: BIT, CMP, Command – (Quarterly)

Product Steering Calls are a forum to discuss best practices, product enhancements and application usability.

Carrier Billing (Monthly) 4th Wed Monthly 1-2PM EST

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