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Mobile Expense Management and Optimization

Carrier mobility invoices can be confusing and tedious to say the least. Understanding who is using what devices and data, and how much is being spent overall requires a specific set of tools and knowledge many organizations don’t have. Not knowing the total cost of ownership, how expenses are allocated, or how they can leverage data usage to negotiate better deals with carriers, makes it difficult for companies to make better decisions about their overall mobility costs.

What If You Had a Clearer Picture into Overall Mobile Costs and Usage?

What if there was a solution that gave you a clear, accurate view of expenses and bills? Reporting and analytical insights that let you know what’s going on in your mobile eco-system; A clear optimization plan that shows your current spend patterns against industry benchmarks and potential cost savings so you can wisely choose the best mobile service?

Presenting Tangoe Mobile Expense Management and Optimization

Tangoe Mobile Expense Management and Optimization gives you a clear, accurate view of expenses, mobile use, and spend allocation—so you know what you’re spending overall and for each user and device. We leverage our carrier relationships and vast industry knowledge to help you take a more strategic approach to negotiating contracts. The result is lower costs and mobile plans that better meet the needs of your business and your end-users.

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