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Mobile Expense Management and Optimization

Carrier mobility invoices can be confusing and tedious, especially at enterprise scale. Understanding who is using what devices and data, and how much is being spent overall, requires a specific set of tools and knowledge many organizations don’t have. When companies don’t know the total cost of ownership, how expenses are allocated, or how they can leverage data usage to negotiate better deals with carriers, it’s difficult for them to make better decisions about their mobility programs.

What If You Had a Clearer Picture of Mobile Costs and Usage?

There is a solution that provides a clear, accurate view of mobility program expenses and assets.

It’s Tangoe’s mobile expense management and optimization solution, part of Tangoe One.

The application provides reporting and insights that let you know what’s going on in your mobile eco-system, drilling down to the tiniest detail per device. It provides clear optimization plans by automatically comparing your current spend patterns with industry benchmarks and finding potential cost saving opportunities. We leverage our long-standing carrier relationships and vast industry knowledge to help you take a more strategic approach to negotiating contracts. The result is lower costs and mobile plans that better meet the needs of your business and your end-users.

Download the solution sheet to get a quick overview, or visit the Tangoe One page for the whole picture (telecom, mobile, and cloud).