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Fixed Telecom Professional Services

Optimize the Fixed Lifecycle

To further enhance the value of the fixed lifecycle for our clients, Tangoe offers Fixed Telecom Professional Services that combine extensive market knowledge and industry expertise with proven processes and technologies that deliver market leading results for our clients.

With exceptional results the priority in every client engagement, Tangoe’s Fixed Telecom Professional Services group offers assistance in key connections lifecycle management disciplines:

  • Carrier contract negotiation – Leveraging  strong telecom knowledge and experience with leading IXCs, LECs, national service providers, their billing practices and contract negotiations tactics, Tangoe’s experts drive the most favorable contracts ever experienced by their client organizations.
  • Benchmarking – Reporting that outlines the service categories, services provided, and volume of services utilized by the enterprise. In addition, benchmark reports compare current service costs to best-practice market rates experienced by Tangoe’s global negotiations consulting practice.
  • Carrier Transition Assurance – Expert teams help ensure that service migrations occur with zero negative impact to user services and operational uptime.
  • Historical Bill Auditing – Focused on three types of billing errors (mathematical calculations, non-compliance with contract terms, and ongoing billing for discontinued services), experts identify each error, document the root cause of the problem, manage the dispute process, recover the overpayments, and provide recommenda­tions to prevent reoccurring issues.