Cloud Visibility Tools for Building Success

Wish you could manage multi-cloud or hybrid cloud programs with more confidence and fewer resources? Change the game with Tangoe.

With our cloud solution and experienced team, you will:

  • Fully see and understand your cloud spend, security, usage, and more. 
  • Manage multiple cloud services without confusion or waste.
  • Easily make decisions about IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS.
  • Optimize opportunities and spend.
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The Challenges We Tackle

  • Lack of collaboration. Cloud infrastructure is often managed in silos across departments and teams.
  • Limited data and insights. After cloud migration, there might be inadequate cloud usage visibility, cloud cost visibility, and cloud application visibility.

Migration to the cloud provides security, scalability, and more control. But without proper management and a hybrid or multi-cloud governance platform like Tangoe’s, the benefits can quickly be offset by inefficiencies. Let us provide you with the right tools to succeed.

Computer screen showing Tangoe's Cloud Analytics.

The Solutions That Make It Possible

Cloud Visibility Tools for Any Situation

We provide technology and expertise for businesses no matter where they are in the cloud migration process.

The Right Data and Analytics

We give full visibility of applications and their interdependencies across the IT stack. This supports sound decision making and successful expansion or technology adoption.

Help Weighing Pros and Cons

We also help enterprises weigh the costs of operating on the cloud vs. maintaining on-premises infrastructure. If a cloud migration is in order, we’re ready to support you.

Lifecycle Management of Cloud Services

Order and change management for cloud services may seem complex now, but Tangoe automates and supports processes like this with our cloud solution.

Let’s manage, audit, and optimize together.

Cloud visibility is just one goal we help our customers achieve. We also help companies shift their business model – because they understand their IT expenses and assets. For example, our platform helps businesses adapt to a remote or hybrid (partially remote) work model.

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