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Tangoe’s MobileRenew™ Adds Green to Environment and Bottom Line

Release date: 7/6/2010

Innovative program offers environmentally responsible, secure, and cost-efficient device recycling

Orange, CT — July 7, 2010 — Tangoe, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services, today announced an innovative mobile device reuse-retire-recycle program, Tangoe MobileRenew. Much more than just the recycling of corporate mobile communications devices, this new program provides enterprises with a secure, compliant, and financially beneficial means of handling all end-of-life mobile devices in an environmentally friendly way. Organizations that have struggled to manage the retirement of an ever-expanding number of corporate devices are now able to take advantage of a program that can deliver substantial financial returns by maximizing device residual value, managing and tracking discarded devices, negotiating “green” carrier contracts, as well as calculating and reporting enterprise carbon offset metrics.

Tangoe MobileRenew

Tangoe MobileRenew handles the reuse, retirement, and recycling requirements for any mobile phone and associated accessories in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner. Clients who wish to further optimize their economic return may elect a Technology RefreshTM option, where Tangoe can align mobile carrier contact terms with the MobileRenew program to maximize overall benefits. The program also provides complete compliance with virtually all corporate security initiatives.  Enterprises receive full reporting regarding device handling, security, reuse/recycle value and payment, in addition to comprehensive carbon offset credit tracking and ISO 4001 compliant certificates of destruction.

The Challenge of Corporate Device Recycling

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only 10 percent of the approximately 140 million cell phones discarded annually in the United States are recycled, leaving millions of devices in landfills leaking hazardous lead cadmium and mercury into the environment. While most companies have green initiatives, many of those programs are not optimized for mobile devices, lack the ability to properly track discarded devices, or may not be aligned with a responsible recycling partner. As a result, organizations may unintentionally contribute to a growing environmental crisis while taking on significant financial, administrative, compliance, and security burdens.  Tangoe’s MobileRenew was designed to overcome these challenges and provide organizations with a closed loop, mobile asset reuse-retire-recycle solution that provides tangible environmental and financial benefits.  MobileRenew enables organizations to manage, monitor, and control the entire process; allowing enterprise IT groups to provide regular mobile technology upgrades to their end-users in a planned, efficient and cost effective manner while simultaneously minimizing administrative support requirements.

“With the dramatic increase of smartphone usage, enterprises are challenged to effectively manage the replacement of their mobile devices while mitigating data and security risks in that process,” stated Eric Goodness, Gartner’s research vice president of managed services for the communications sector. “In addition, the need to handle mobile devices in an environmentally friendly fashion with minimal administrative support adds a level complexity to the problem. Solutions that address these issues will receive a positive market response.”

”The acceleration of mobile innovation continues to shorten the lifespan of the device within the enterprise; currently averaging less than 18 months and trending lower.  As a leader in mobile device and expense management solutions, Tangoe enables clients to quickly bring those devices online within their organization,” said Al Subbloie, CEO of Tangoe. “However, this can also create a situation where large numbers of replaced devices are being discarded or forgotten—ending up in desk drawers, or worse, in landfills within our communities. With our innovative MobileRenew program, organizations can manage and dispose of their old devices in an environmentally sound manner while simultaneously lessening the financial impact that rapid device turnover has on their bottom line.  MobileRenew can provide much more value than regular recycling programs.  Our technology tracks mobile devices through each lifecycle stage, helping to ensure they are retired in a timely, secure, and responsible manner—delivering visibility, control, and efficiency in conjunction with positive bottom line impact to our customers.”

Part of Comprehensive Communications Lifecycle Management

MobileRenew is part of Tangoe’s comprehensive suite of lifecycle solutions that enable organizations to manage their communications assets and expenses.  Capabilities such as carrier contract negotiations, invoice processing, asset procurement, inventory management, mobile device management, policy enforcement, dynamic cost management, usage management and device reuse-retire-recycle highlight Tangoe’s integrated approach to communications management.  Tangoe provides it’s MobileRenew and lifecycle capabilities separately or as an integrated solution based on customer needs.

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About Tangoe

Tangoe is a leading provider of global enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services. Tangoe’s solution encompasses the entire fixed and mobile communications lifecycle including contract sourcing, asset procurement, services provisioning, invoice processing, expense allocation, bill payment, policy enforcement, usage management, inventory tracking, and device management and decommissioning.

Additional information about Tangoe can be found at Tangoe is a registered trademark, and MobileRenew and Technology Refresh are trademarks of Tangoe, Inc.