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Tangoe Supports Proposed FCC Plan Regarding Bill Shock Relief

Release date: 10/14/2010

Proposal in accordance with Tangoe’s cost management mission

Orange, CT — October 14, 2010 — Tangoe, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services, today announced its support for the current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal that will require mobile service providers to notify customers of voice and data usage thresholds which, when exceeded, can result in overage and roaming charges that may cause consumer “bill shock”. Since 2000, Tangoe has been helping organizations ease the bill shock effect by uncovering and significantly reducing hidden costs associated with the management and operation of their enterprise-wide fixed and mobile communications.

“The current FCC mobile bill shock proposal, while outwardly focused on the consumer market, should have a tremendous impact on the enterprise as well, particularly in global organizations that utilize hundreds or thousands of mobile devices,” said Al Subbloie, CEO of Tangoe. “A large percentage of corporate mobile costs can be attributed to individual liable devices, indirectly linking this FCC proposal to the issues surrounding the management of corporate mobile communications costs. We see this proposal as an extension of Tangoe’s mission to deliver solutions that enable individuals and enterprises to gain real visibility into, and control of, their communications expenses.”

Reducing communications costs continues to be a high priority and challenge for most enterprises. Yet despite their efforts to reduce these costs, many organizations continue to see their communications budgets rise. These increasing costs can, in part, be attributed to the large number of changes in the communications environment including: high mobile device turnover rates, expanding carrier service offerings, changing rate plans and cost structures, and the exponential growth of mobile device deployments. Combined with global economic pressures, businesses of all sizes around the globe have been forced to identify and eliminate excessive and often hidden communications costs from their budgets.

Tangoe eliminates corporate bill shock by applying technologies and processes that surround the communications environment. Specifically, Tangoe technologies can automatically identify zero-use or inactive devices (telephones, lines, etc.) that are still being billed for on a monthly basis, typically the result of employee attrition and movement. Another way Tangoe eliminates mobile bill shock is by avoiding international roaming costs before they are incurred. This is accomplished by automatically identifying when a phone enters an international roaming state and enabling the phone to be transferred to an international plan, notifying the user of the international roaming status, or limiting phone functionality so as not to incur excessive costs. Tangoe technologies can also identify “casual” billing rates that are not in accordance with the customized rates negotiated between the carrier and the corporation.

While these examples represent only a few of the ways Tangoe can eliminate mobile bill shock, leading global organizations have turned to Tangoe for expertise and execution in managing the full lifecycle of their communications assets:

A global benefits company was spending $1.8 million on their mobile communications annually, a cost that included significant monthly overages. Tangoe was able to implement asset and expense management solutions that resulted in a 25 percent reduction in the company’s per minute usage costs and provide in-depth visibility into their mobile costs. The company experienced a first year ROI of 461 percent.

A medical technology company spending $4.5M annually on 3,300 devices across four carriers found themselves without centralized management of the devices, with no consistent mobile policies governing usage of the devices, and extensive challenges in regards to invoice payment. With the help of Tangoe’s asset, usage, and expense management solutions, the organization was able to improve asset acquisition and operational efficiencies, enact consistent mobile usage policies, consolidate business intelligence of the mobile environment, and significantly reduce carrier expenses. More than 200 percent ROI was experienced in the first year.

“This FCC proposal raises consumer awareness of unanticipated mobile costs and will hopefully help consumers to manage their mobile communications costs more effectively,” continues Subbloie. “Tangoe sees this as further confirmation that our solutions play a vital role within corporations. In recent times, the challenges and pressures enterprises face in managing the costs associated with their communications services have increased dramatically. Fortunately, with the right combination of expertise, experience, and technology, companies can significantly reduce their costs while improving the manageability of their global communications environment.”

About Tangoe

Tangoe is a leading provider of global enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services. Tangoe’s solution encompasses the entire fixed and mobile communications lifecycle including device management, contract sourcing, asset procurement, services provisioning, invoice processing, expense allocation, bill payment, policy enforcement, usage management, inventory tracking, and device decommissioning.

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