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Tangoe Releases Mobile Device Manager 5.0 with Android™ Support

Release date: 4/27/2010

New features include enhanced carrier plan management allowing organizations to manage costs and usage in real-time

ORANGE, Conn., April 27, 2010 – Tangoe, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services, today announced the availability of smartphone management functionality though its latest mobile device management software version 5.0 (MDM V5.0). The latest version of the company’s enterprise mobility solution includes support for Android devices as well as enhanced carrier plan management features allowing IT administrators to associate mobile carrier plans to device users for real-time smartphone expense management. In addition, MDM V5.0 includes new functionality that allows organizations to better manage international roaming charges, smartphone usage and policy monitoring, and generate enhanced carrier plan reports and usage statistics. “The costs associated with overage charges, international roaming, and other services not included in a smartphone user’s existing corporate plan, can be very substantial. To date, it has been difficult for organizations to monitor and manage these charges in a centralized fashion,” said Julie Palen, senior vice president of Mobile Device Management for Tangoe. “MDM V5.0 provides companies a better way to manage a myriad of services and applications associated with every smartphone on their network, as well as the ability to allocate resources appropriately, regardless of when or how individual devices are being used. That enables better manageability and cost control of smartphones throughout the enterprise.”

Key characteristics and benefits of Tangoe’s MDM V5.0 include:

  • Android OS Support. Tangoe’s on-device client software is now compatible with devices running Android 2.0 Eclair and higherThe new device client collects information regarding device hardware and installed applications enabling comprehensive device-level management of Android devices. The new device client also supports carrier plan management, and device-level tracking and management of voice, SMS, and data usage.
  • Enhanced Carrier Plan Management allows administrators to create and associate mobile carrier plans to smartphone users enabling real-time cost avoidance. Carrier plans consist of features (domestic, long distance, roaming) with services (voice, data, SMS) that provide flexibility when configuring a user’s plan. The on-device client sends smartphone usage data to the MDM V5.0 server where it is monitored and managed in real-time, based on the plan assigned to the specific smartphone user. This allows organizations to take proactive steps to avoid costs before they are incurred rather than reacting to them after the bill arrives.
  • Enhanced Dashboard Functionality provides administrators with added business intelligence including a single view of all users incurring out-of-plan international roaming charges. With the enhanced dashboard functionality, enterprises gain greater visibility into off-plan usage and are better prepared to control runaway roaming costs.
  • Usage Monitoring automates user and administrator notifications when users have reached or exceeded limits set by their mobile carrier plans for services such voice, data, and SMS. Administrators can also automatically monitor devices that are using features not associated with a carrier plan to limit or eliminate overage charges that would otherwise be incurred by the enterprise.
  • Smartphone Policy Rules enable administrators to assign BlackBerry® and Active Sync policies based on usage allotments. For example, administrators can create a rule to disable SMS on a BlackBerry once a user exceeds their monthly SMS allotment.

About Tangoe

Tangoe is the leading provider of global enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services. Tangoe’s solution encompasses the entire fixed and mobile communications lifecycle including contract sourcing, asset procurement, services provisioning, invoice processing, expense allocation, bill payment, policy enforcement, usage management, inventory tracking, and device decommissioning.

Additional information about Tangoe can be found at Tangoe is a registered trademark of Tangoe, Inc.