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Tangoe Offers Management for Windows Phone 7 in Time for Holiday Smartphone Purchases

Release date: 12/21/2010

Enterprise IT departments empowered to manage new employee Windows Phone 7 devices with latest MDM solution

Orange, CT — December 20, 2010 — Tangoe, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services, today announced support for new Windows 7 smartphone devices.   With enterprises anticipating a surge in the adoption of Windows Phone 7 devices this season, Tangoe’s Mobile Device Manager software version 5.2 (MDM v5.2) provides full support for the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, enabling businesses to seamlessly deploy and manage these devices.

Tangoe’s support for Windows Phone 7 extends the Company’s comprehensive MDM capabilities which also include support for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and other Windows mobile devices. With MDM 5.2, Tangoe allows enterprises to offer employees true device-of-choice while still ensuring data security, user authorization, centralized feature control, dynamic device configuration profiles, application management, improved self-service device deployment, troubleshooting, and asset tracking.

“The launch of Windows Phone 7 marks another chapter in the rapid proliferation of consumer devices within the enterprise, a trend we see as particularly prominent during the holiday season when even more workers upgrade to new, consumer-inspired smartphones,” said Julie Palen, SVP of Mobile Device Management for Tangoe. “This also presents challenges for enterprise IT departments which continue to be flooded with requests for device support, maintenance, and security monitoring. Our MDM solution makes introducing any new device, including Windows Phone 7, painless and worry-free.”

Currently, MDM 5.2 allows enterprise IT departments to activate new Windows Phone 7 devices using ActiveSync and ActiveSync mailbox policies and to execute device wipe commands. Tangoe MDM can also pull device details from Exchange for a specific device and user. Features to be added to Windows Phone 7 mobile support in the coming months include voice, SMS and data usage tracking, roaming detection, application management, and device alerts.

In addition to MDM capabilities, Tangoe also provides a comprehensive suite of communications lifecycle management solutions that enable organizations to manage their communications assets and expenses. These solutions include carrier contract negotiations, invoice processing, asset tracking, policy enforcement, expense management, and device recycling and disposal. The combination of these services highlights Tangoe’s integrated approach to communications management. Tangoe provides mobile device management and communications lifecycle management capabilities separately or as a component of a comprehensive communications lifecycle management solution based on customer needs.

About Tangoe

Tangoe is a leading provider of global enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services. Tangoe’s solution encompasses the entire fixed and mobile communications lifecycle including device management, contract sourcing, asset procurement, services provisioning, invoice processing, expense allocation, bill payment, policy enforcement, usage management, inventory tracking, and device decommissioning.

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