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Tangoe Mobile Device Manager 5.1 Features Support for Apple iOS 4 and Enhanced Support for iPhone 4

This article was originally published in 2010. Get the latest information about Tangoe’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) services.

Enables secured, managed, and controlled iPhone and iOS 4 deployments within the enterprise

Orange, CT — June 24, 2010 — Tangoe, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services, today announced the release of Mobile Device Manager software version 5.1 (MDM v5.1) which provides full support for Apple’s iOS 4 operating system, enabling businesses to deploy and fully manage iPhone and iOS 4 devices within the enterprise. Tangoe’s latest release of the company’s multi-OS MDM software extends its comprehensive iPhone and iPad support to include enhanced device and data security, user authorization, real-time expense control, centralized policy control, dynamic device configuration profiles, application management, improved self-service device deployment, troubleshooting, and asset tracking.

Addressing the Challenge of Managing Smartphones in the Enterprise 
Driven in large part by the popularity of smartphone devices and the rapid consumer adoption of the iPhone, more and more organizations are contending with increasing employee requests for the company to provide these devices or to allow employee-owned devices to have access to corporate e-mail and data networks. Meeting this demand has created several challenges for enterprise IT organizations:

•    Lack of security and policy control for devices connecting to corporate infrastructure
•    Difficulty in ensuring that only approved devices are accessing corporate data
•    Significant IT labor required to deploy and manage devices
•    Inability to deploy and manage corporate applications on the devices

In conjunction with Apple’s iOS 4 release, Tangoe MDM v5.1 addresses these issues and gives enterprise IT departments the ability to control and manage iPhone and iOS 4 device deployments and usage. Specifically, Tangoe’s MDM v5.1 new features include:

  • Device and Data Security: MDM v5.1 enables centralized deployment and management of password policies ensuring corporate security standards are deployed and adhered to on every device. In addition, IT and the help desk administrators have complete visibility into the device’s security and can lock and wipe lost or stolen iPhones remotely, enabling fail-safe data and application security of devices at all times. MDM v5.1 can also identify jailbroken iPhones and isolate them from corporate network access.
  • User Authorization Detection: Enterprises have complete control over which iPhones can and cannot be connected to the corporate environment. Administrators can block the network enablement of devices based on a variety of device configuration criteria including device type, OS version, model, software, and hardware configuration. In addition, non-compliant devices can be detected and isolated from corporate access.
  • Real-time Expense Management: With MDM v5.1, enterprises can monitor iPhone and avoid excessive costs typically generated by voice and data usage, application downloads and web browsing while the phone is roaming internationally. Tangoe MDM can notifying the user and/or administrators, facilitate service plan changes and control features to proactively prevent or reduce charges as soon as international roaming is detected.
  • Centralized Feature Control and Standardization: The feature control capabilities of MDM v5.1 enable virtually all device features, from the device’s camera to voice mail settings, to be centrally enabled or disabled in compliance with corporate policies. For example, iPhones can be configured to have immediate access to the corporate Wi-Fi network when in the facility, or web clips can automatically be deployed on devices to provide easy access to web-based services or ASP websites.
  • Dynamic Device Configuration Profiles: Devices can be configured with multiple profiles as well as intelligently and dynamically deployed based on rules set by corporate IT through the MDM centralized management console, saving considerable time and effort required to deploy and maintain iPhones within the enterprise.
  • Application Management: With MDM v5.1, iOS 4 administrators can create application profiles and “push” applications directly to individual iPhones. Using MDM v5.1’s application management capabilities, administrators can create device profile rules that intelligently and automatically determine which iPhone applications to install on the device. Tangoe’s MDM v5.1 manages, optimizes, and verifies all enterprise application deployments, which improves device uptime and helps to ensure end user satisfaction.
  • Device Monitoring and Alerting: MDM v5.1 also offers configurable monitoring and alerting based upon iPhone device statistics and user profiles, providing the organization with significant usage awareness. This enables the proactive management of carrier plans associated with specific devices and the optimization of usage to control carrier-related costs.
  • Self Service Device Deployment: Enhanced Self Service device deployment enables authorized employees to self-configure and sync their iPhone or iPad to their corporate e-mail account without IT involvement. This capability, which is configured, controlled, and monitored centrally, allows enterprises to easily and rapidly deploy large volumes of devices quickly with minimal help desk or IT support.
  • Troubleshooting and Asset Tracking: Help desk and IT staff can now easily view key iPhone device statistics such as OS version, IMEI, phone number, roaming indicators, and more. These device statistics can be used to avoid service issues before they occur, minimize problem resolution and support times, indicate if a device has been compromised, and help IT make more informed decisions regarding their mobile user population.

“This release of Tangoe’s MDM v5.1 software makes the iPhone truly enterprise-ready by enabling organizations to easily deploy them in a secured, controlled manner. MDM v5.1 extends our comprehensive, enterprise-level device management capabilities to Apple’s mobile products,” said Julie Palen, senior vice president of mobile device management solutions. “Now, by providing Tangoe’s complete device and cost management functions for the iPhone, we enable enterprises to support a full range of popular device types and operating systems including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile with a single vendor solution that provides the security, control, and cost efficiencies corporate IT organizations are looking for.”

In addition to MDM v5.1’s iPhone capabilities, Tangoe also provides a comprehensive suite of communications lifecycle solutions that enable organizations to manage their communications assets and expenses. These solutions include carrier contract negotiations, invoice processing, asset tracking, policy enforcement, real-time cost management, and device reuse-retire-recycle. The combination of these services highlights Tangoe’s integrated approach to communications management. Tangoe provides mobile device management and lifecycle management capabilities separately or as an integrated solution based on customer needs.

About Tangoe
Tangoe is the leading provider of global enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services. Tangoe’s solution encompasses the entire fixed and mobile communications lifecycle including device management, contract sourcing, asset procurement, services provisioning, invoice processing, expense allocation, bill payment, policy enforcement, usage management, inventory tracking, and device decommissioning.

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