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Tangoe Launches Technology Expense Management Center of Excellence to Improve Expertise and Knowledge Throughout the Technology Industry

Center of Excellence to Increase Understanding and Upskill Technology Professionals on How to Use Technology Expense Management to Work Smarter

PARSIPPANY, N.J– May 23, 2018 Tangoe, Inc., the global technology expense management and enterprise mobility services standard for the world’s greatest brands, has announced today from Tangoe LIVE, the launch of the Technology Expense Management (TEM) Center of Excellence (COE). The COE is an interactive and collaborative training and certification program, designed to develop and deliver technology expense management and enterprise mobility service skills to global technology professionals, to ensure organizations are using today’s complex technologies to work smarter.

“Companies are struggling to deal with issues such as the increasing number of mobile devices, growing pains from undergoing a merger or acquisition, and the ever-changing landscape of technology having unpredictable impact across all businesses,” says Bob Irwin, CEO, Tangoe. “We have created the TEM Center of Excellence as a way for organizations and individuals to ensure they have a firm grasp on how to transform technology from a pain point into an opportunity for increased productivity and revenue. Tangoe is excited to be leading the way in promoting thought leadership and education on the constantly evolving future of the wide range of technology expense management every enterprise now requires.”

The Tangoe TEM COE will provide training courses and certifications designed for participants of all knowledge and experience levels, in topics including inventory management, expense management, and usage management. It will also offer courses on soft skills, providing professionals with best practices to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness within their organizations. Courses will cover key issues such as establishing a billing inventory, verifying an organization’s network inventory, and disputing billing discrepancies in service provider’s contracts. The courses will offer in-depth insight from industry experts, and will provide participants with real, applicable takeaways for how they can improve the management of technology within their business.

Tangoe’s depth of experience working with leading global brands makes it uniquely qualified to offer expertise into how companies can transform technology management from a pain point into an opportunity for increased productivity and revenue. The training will be led by both Tangoe subject matter experts and additional industry experts. Tangoe’s subject matter experts have a wealth of knowledge based on real-world experience and, along with third party trainers, bring with them expertise that spans telecom expense management, fixed and mobile services, inventory optimization, policy management, audits and invoicing, and more.

Tony Rizzo, Managing Research Partner at TechnoLoggia Research, notes that “The CoE is central to driving repeatable strategic business disruption and achieving transformational business value – getting the CoE right is key to being the disrupter and not the disrupted. The foundation of a successful enterprise CoE is its ability to effectively manage multiple complex technology expense scenarios. Having had direct experience with the development of Tangoe’s CoE curriculum and certification process has demonstrated to me a truly impressive array of teaching talent and a program that is now my own standard for developing a technology CoE.”

Hyoun Park, CEO and Principal Analyst at Amalgam Insights, commented that “Successful Global TEM requires coordination across multiple departments, hundreds of locations, and thousands of vendors. However, the benefits for a Global 2000 organization can include hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, improved strategies for driving end-user productivity, and even the opportunity to map out the financial and operational drivers for digital transformation. For TEM to be strategic, organizations must adopt a Center of Excellence approach to master the subject matter, optimize vendor relationships, and skillfully engage internal politics. In light of this, Amalgam Insights looks forward to working with Tangoe’s Center of Excellence to drive industry best practices.”

Tangoe will be working with key industry luminaries, customers, and research analysts as part of the COE Advisory Board, such as Hyoun Park and Tony Rizzo. The first official COE courses will be held during the fall of 2018.