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Tangoe Launches New Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform Featuring Enhanced iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablet Security Capabilities

This article was originally published in 2011. Get the latest information about Tangoe’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) services.

ORANGE, CT, April 28, 2011 — Tangoe, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise communications lifecycle management software and related services, today announced the newest version of its Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform suite, an enhancement to the MMS solution. The latest release includes significant device and application security enhancements for both iOS and Android operating systems, including GPS location identification, individual liable and corporate liable tracking, enhanced concurrent device profiles to manage smartphone and tablet device usage, and a self-service portal UI redesign.

“The enterprise requirements for MDM are quickly evolving and organizations are deploying an increasingly complex array of devices types, operating systems, and applications to support an ever-expanding mobile workforce,” said Kathryn Weldon, principal analyst for enterprise mobility at Current Analysis. “To meet these needs, mobility managers require a comprehensive mobility management solution that can effectively and efficiently handle the growing number of device management, application compliance, and data security challenges faced by the enterprise. The Tangoe solution is one of the most comprehensive platforms in the market to deal with the complexities that face IT managers looking for centralized management of an increasingly complex, mobile workforce.”

With iOS and Android device operating systems showing consistent growth among enterprise users, Tangoe’s latest MDM platform release is designed to meet potential security and compliance challenges enterprises may experience when managing multiple operating systems. Enhanced features of Tangoe’s MDM solution include:

iOS Client Feature Enhancements

In addition to enterprise-level features released in earlier versions of Tangoe MDM, new functionality added to the iOS device client includes:

GPS-based location identifications: Enables IT administrators using the centralized Tangoe MDM portal to pinpoint latitude and longitude coordinates for any iOS device. This feature is useful as a first step in locating a device suspected of being lost or stolen.

Enhanced certificate distribution and security: Allows Tangoe MDM to send and remove additional personal certificates that can enable/disable WiFi and VPN communication to the device. Administrators can determine if and what additional certificates should be distributed to specific devices. Additionally, when deploying Microsoft Network Device Enrollment Service, administrators can configure the MDM server to leverage unique challenge phrases.

Android Client Feature Enhancements

Feature enhancements to the Android client also enable enhanced enterprise-level functionality that improves device and data security:

GPS-based location identifications: Enables IT administrators to pinpoint latitude and longitude coordinates for any Android device, increasing the recovery probability of a lost or stolen device.

Profile security enhancements: Security profiles for individual devices have been expanded to include password enforcement; minimum password length; password quality; failed attempts before wipe; and force device lock based on inactivity. Additionally, automatic profile updates are sent directly to Android clients ensuring accurate profile capabilities and settings on every device

Device and data protection: Includes the ability to wipe data on the device as well as lock the device by either the user or administrator if compromised. For Android devices not connected to the Exchange ActiveSync server, a data wipe command can also be sent from the MDM server directly to the Android devices.

In addition to iOS and Android enhancements, Tangoe’s newest MDM platform also incorporates a number of features designed to help organizations manage a variety of devices and additional operating systems seamlessly and securely. These features include: Individual liable and corporate liable device management: For corporations with both individual and corporate liable devices in their enterprise environment, the new device profile feature enables the organization to designate if the device is individual liable (IL) or corporate liable (CL). This allows administrators to automatically apply default IL or CL policies that address asset management, application management, security and cost-avoidance, as well as granular policies based on a profile for the device, user, group, division, or location. Enhanced concurrent device support: Many users have multiple devices—such as a tablet and a smartphone, including devices on different operating systems.  End users and administrators can add, manage, and track multiple mobile devices per individual.

Self service portal user interface redesign: Tangoe’s MDM portal now includes an improved device selection process; a progress bar for device activation process; simplified activation instructions; IL/CL selection; quick switching between devices; and device usage reporting compared to carrier plans.

“The market for enterprise mobility management is rapidly changing and companies are realizing the need to manage mobile devices through the entire mobile lifecycle,” said Al Subbloie, president, CEO, and founder of Tangoe. “Security, policy enforcement, application management across multiple operating systems, devices, and form factors are critical features of any MDM solution. Tangoe’s ability to meet these requirements and include them in a comprehensive wireless expense management program is allowing enterprises to overcome mobile challenges and better manage their mobile workforce without compromising security.”

About Tangoe

Tangoe is a leading global provider of Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) software and related services to a wide range of global enterprises. CLM encompasses the entire lifecycle of an enterprise’s communications assets and services, including planning and sourcing, procurement and provisioning, inventory and usage management, invoice processing, expense allocation and accounting, and asset decommissioning and disposal. Tangoe’s Communications Management Platform (CMP) is an on-demand suite of software designed to manage and optimize the complex processes and expenses associated with this lifecycle for both fixed and mobile communications assets and services. Tangoe’s customers can also manage their communications assets and services by engaging Tangoe’s client service group.

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