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Tangoe Issued Patent for Enhanced Mobile Data Usage Management

Patent Simplifies the Management of Enterprise Mobility Plans

ORANGE, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tangoe, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNGO), a leading global provider of IT Expense Management (ITEM) software and related services, today announced it has been awarded US Patent No. 9,191,523 which is related to “Cost Allocation for Derived Data Usage” for the analysis of data usage on mobile networks, including mobile and cloud application transactions. Tangoe has recently been awarded 10 patents as it continues to innovate with its Matrix product and solution portfolio in the areas of mobility management, cloud, and IT.

“As an organization focused on finding innovative ways for enterprises to manage their mobile workforce and the associated costs, we believe this patent can revolutionize how data is being used on corporate plans.”

With the most recent patent, Tangoe has protected its methods for deep analysis of data usage by applications on corporate and personal mobility plans and how these costs can be allocated. This new patented technology enables expense management of enterprise mobility plans, both corporately owned and through reimbursement, to itemize employee’s use of data to the application or transaction level. Tangoe’s enterprise clients now have the capability to determine personal versus business-related usage and allocate these expenses appropriately, further enabling them to drive down the costs of their mobile data plans.

With the patented technology, Tangoe has created a way for carriers to further expand enterprise data analysis, looking within a variety of sources to detect, classify, and report employee data and communication activities. This technology will enable enterprises to discern how much data is used for corporate and personal use, capture the adoption of new applications, as well as identify potential security risks. Similar in principle to Tangoe’s Matrix Cloud Discovery program, which analyzes network usage to determine how cloud services are being used in the enterprise; the “Cost Allocation for Derived Data Usage” technology allows carriers to help businesses interpret how their data plans are being used.

Tangoe’s patent portfolio continues to expand in the areas of over-the-top (OTT) transactions, cloud, and IT forming fundamental building blocks for analytics, and offerings such as tiered pricing, split billing, and sponsored billing. The patent also provides the ability to gain insight into user experience and threat detection. When combined with Tangoe’s other OTT, cloud, and mobile management patents, Tangoe can now allocate transactional data to the appropriate category, department, or source.

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