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Tangoe Introduces Executive Leadership Team

Collective Wealth of Expertise to Deliver Superior Global TEM and MMS Solutions

PARSIPPANY, NJ, September 12, 2018Tangoe, the world’s leading technology expense management and managed mobility services company, today announced its executive leadership team, comprised of tested professionals from across the technology, telecommunications, and mobility industries.

Bob Irwin, Tangoe’s CEO, said, “Tangoe’s customers are the industry leaders and America’s greatest brands. They  require the best technology expense management (TEM) and managed mobility services (MMS) available. They expect and deserve that their TEM and MMS provider deliver high-quality solutions, driven by executive leadership that demonstrates great vision and expertise.”

Tangoe’s executive team includes:

  • Product – Ivan Latanision: Ivan developed a deep understanding of customer needs during his tenure at Medidata Solutions and Sparta Systems, and brings the talent to drive product strategy and product roadmaps.
  • Technology – Yaakov Shapiro: Mastering complexity at CA Technologies and disciplined processes at Pitney Bowes, Yaakov has the vision and ability to deliver next-generation products and capabilities for customers.
  • Customer Delivery – John Nelson: With experience gained at IBM, PwC, and Infor, John’s continuous process improvement approach will deliver unmatched service quality for Tangoe customers.
  • Sales – Mark Desautelle: With big company roots at SunGard and growth company success at Data Intensity, Mark’s leadership skills help Tangoe customers set strategic plans for growth.
  • Marketing – Sidra Berman: Sidra’s experience leading marketing programs at Savi Technology and understanding the Voice of the Customer at Clarabridge and GE positions her to deliver the Tangoe value proposition.
  • Information Technology – Mark Troller: Having run large-scale operations with Pershing and vast volumes at Time Warner Cable, Mark has the expertise to deliver high-availability solutions.
  • Human Resources – Sandi von Drateln: Bringing extensive global experience and perspectives from Nabisco and Fiserv, Sandi is well equipped to drive increased employee engagement.
  • Finance and Administration – Rick Young: With a foundation from GE and focus honed at Cerberus, Rick’s skills will deliver sound financial reporting and strong financial stewardship.

Mark Desautelle, Tangoe head of sales, commented, “Tangoe’s customers, products and people are the foundation for our success. The impressive roster of people on our executive team, combined with our financial strength, clear product strategy, new Tangoe Atlas™ technology platform, and service quality initiatives ideally position us to deliver the unsurpassed customer experience our global clients expect.”

To learn more about the Tangoe executive leadership team, please visit:

ABOUT TANGOE: Tangoe is the global standard for America’s greatest brands. Tangoe customers trust them to optimize more than $35 billion of technology expenses and manage the lifecycle of more than 10,000,000 mobility assets. Tangoe’s customers cite five reasons Tangoe is their preferred solution:

  • Customers – Tangoe has earned the trust of a who’s who of America’s greatest companies.
  • Technology – Tangoe offers a modern, cloud-based, advanced-architecture technology platform.
  • Savings – Tangoe leads the industry in one-time, continuous, and total cost savings.
  • Global Reach – Tangoe serves the global needs of the largest, most sophisticated companies.
  • Customer Service – Tangoe has multiple quality initiatives delivering ever-better service for customers.