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Tangoe, Inc. Signs Strategic Partner Agreement with PinPoint Management, Inc.

Release date: 5/15/2006

ORANGE, Conn., May 16, 2006 — Tangoe, Inc., the leading globalprovider of enterprise telecommunications expense management (TEM)software and services, today announced that it has entered a strategicpartnership with Northern California-based TEM services firm PinPointManagement, Inc. Under the agreement, PinPoint will utilize Tangoe’spatent-pending Communications Management Platform (CMP) software as thetechnology foundation for their entire portfolio of telecom expensemanagement services including auditing, cost optimization, inventoryreconciliation, and bill consolidation. PinPoint will offer CMP in ahosted ASP environment to small and mid-sized businesses nationwidewith $250,000 to $6 million in annual telecom costs.Tangoe’s CMP software technology encompasses a complete range ofintegrated TEM processes and provides companies with increasedvisibility into, and control of, their voice, data, and wirelesstelecommunications spend—often the third largest expense within anorganization. Utilizing CMP, companies manage the entire lifecycle oftheir enterprise-wide voice, data and wireless resources including;services procurement, contract management, bill processing andapprovals, inventory management, bill auditing, and reporting andanalysis. As a Tangoe TEM Outsource Partner, PinPoint will migrate itscurrent customer base to CMP and expand its managed service offeringsto include enhanced inventory, billing, auditing, contract, andprovisioning capabilities.

“We believe companies are known by the partners they keep, and ourcommitment to delivering value to our clients must be matched by asimilar commitment from our partners,” said Patrick Purcell, presidentof PinPoint. “Our partnership with Tangoe marries the best of breed inTEM—the leading software platform provider working together with theleading full-service TEM outsourcer.”

“The experts at PinPoint have brought TEM services to majorcorporations with complex telecom needs for more than four years,” saidRich Morrison, Tangoe vice president of global channel operations.“Given that level of experience and know-how, their decision to partnerwith Tangoe is particularly gratifying and affirms, once again, thatTangoe’s CMP technology platform is quickly becoming the standard inthe TEM industry. PinPoint recognizes the evolution of TEM fromdisparate manual systems to tightly integrated automated solutions. Ourpartnership expands Tangoe’s market presence and allows PinPoint toleverage their experience and provide greater strategic value to theirclients.”

About PinPoint Management
PinPoint Managementis a leading national Telecom Expense Management firm focused onempowering their enterprise clients to reduce telecom costs and gaincontrol over the entire lifecycle of telecommunications services fromservice procurement through invoice payment. In addition to therigorous management of their clients’ telecom inventory and monthlyinvoice processing, PinPoint delivers sophisticated cost and technologyoptimization services enabling clients to gain better visibility intotheir telecom service and to reduce their telecom costs. Additionally,PinPoint’s SourcePoint offering provides clients unprecedented pricingwhen purchasing new telecom services. PinPoint is headquartered in SanRamon, CA with sales offices throughout the United States.

Additional information about PinPoint Management telecom expense management services can be found, or requested via e-mail at, or by calling (925) 415-1550.

About Tangoe 
Tangoe, Inc., the global leaderin Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions, delivers softwareproducts and consulting services that enable organizations to betterunderstand, manage, and control their enterprise-wide voice, data, andwireless telecommunications services and their costs. Tangoe’s flagshipsoftware product, the Communications Management Platform (CMP),provides a technology foundation that enables dramatic cost reductions,which significantly contribute to organizational profitability. Fortune1000 organizations nationwide depend on Tangoe software and services tooptimize their telecommunications expense management processes. Namedfor two consecutive years as a Deloitte Rising Star, Tangoe isheadquartered in Orange, Connecticut and provides solutions in theUnited States through direct and partner sales channels, andinternationally through partner sales channels.

Additional information about Tangoe products, services, and partners can be found at , or requested via e-mail at , or by calling (203) 859.9300.

Tangoe is a registered trademark of Tangoe, Inc.