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Tangoe Celebrates 15 Years in Connection Lifecycle Management

ORANGE, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tangoe, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNGO), a leading global provider of Connection Lifecycle Management (CLM) software and related services, today announced that it is celebrating its 15th anniversary. A decade and a half of experience has transformed Tangoe from a small telecommunications expense management (TEM) business into a global operation with more than 2,000 employees in 15 offices around the globe.

Tangoe was founded in 2000 in Orange, Connecticut. Tangoe quickly expanded as a TEM company and eventually a CLM organization, focusing on software and tools designed to help businesses keep track of their telecommunications and business services and devices.

“This milestone is a testament to our commitment to empower our customers with innovative technology solutions, enabling them to become more productive and responsible connected enterprises,” said Al Subbloie, president, CEO, and founder of Tangoe. “I am honored to thank our customers for inspiring and driving us to continue to innovate and expand our services and to share this anniversary with our employees, who make Tangoe such a great place to work.”

“On behalf of the State of Connecticut, I want to congratulate Tangoe on their growth and global expansion over the last 15 years,” Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy said. “Companies like Tangoe are making Connecticut a top location for innovative, high-tech products. Congratulations on achieving a great milestone.”

As part of its growth over the last 15 years, Tangoe has continually expanded its solution portfolio to support adjacent IT expense connection categories including mobile, fixed, machine-to-machine, cloud software and services, enterprise social, and IT connections. This was predicated by an increasing investment in R&D culminating in the launch of Tangoe’s Matrix Solution Suite in December 2013. The Matrix Solution Suite delivers a single solution globally to address an enterprise’s IT expenditures. Tangoe’s clients are realizing increasing value from the Matrix suite and are renewing at high rates, while expanding their business with Tangoe. Revenue growth from 2006 to 2014 was 41.9% CAGR.

About Tangoe

Tangoe (NASDAQ: TNGO) is a leading global provider of Connection Lifecycle Management software and services to a wide range of global enterprises and service providers. The company’s Connection Lifecycle Management technology, Matrix, is an on-demand suite of software and services designed to turn on, track, manage, secure, and support various connections in an enterprise’s connection lifecycle, including mobile, fixed, machine-to-machine, cloud software and services, enterprise social, and IT connections. Additional information about Tangoe can be found at

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