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Tangoe Atlas Delivers Unparalleled Visibility and Management of Enterprise Inventory, Usage, and Spend

Ground-Breaking Platform Enables Enterprises to Reduce Costs, Increase Employee Productivity, and Improve Forecasting

PARSIPPANY, N.J– May 21, 2018—Tangoe, Inc., the global technology expense management and enterprise mobility services standard for the world’s greatest brands, has announced today from Tangoe LIVE the availability of Tangoe Atlas™, a single, unified platform that delivers visibility into the inventory, usage and spend of mobile and network assets. Tangoe Atlas revolutionizes the way businesses manage, measure and track the impact of mobile and telecom expenses on their organization, enabling increased productivity, reduced IT costs, and improved forecasting and data security.

Tangoe Atlas is an enterprise-grade technology solution on which clients can manage all technology needs, including enterprise mobility and telecom expense management. Tangoe Atlas is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides clients with a complete, transparent, and accurate accounting of their mission-critical mobile and telecom assets so that they can derive vital insights that help run their organizations more effectively and efficiently.

“Tangoe Atlas marks a new era in Tangoe’s product strategy, demonstrating our commitment to simplifying how our clients run their businesses, businesses that are increasingly burdened with rising technology costs, inaccurate forecasting, and poor visibility into how their assets are used,” said Bob Irwin, CEO, Tangoe. “The feedback from Early Adopter Clients, who moved into live production in 2017, has been overwhelmingly positive, and we believe this is due to the fact that our clients recognize, as we do, that people work smarter when technology works for them.”

A customer from a large healthcare corporation stated, “Atlas is a game changer for us, and the flexibility that it offers is going to greatly improve the quality of service we can offer our users. Tangoe’s dedication to this product will benefit their users for years to come.”

New features include a configurable, real-time workflow engine, customizable provisioning, business intelligence and reporting tools that provide visibility into cost and cost savings opportunities, bill import and invoice allocation functions and an intuitive employee portal, enabling end user self-service across procurement and approval management. A customer with one of the largest broadcasting and cable providers added, “I think Atlas is the tool that will bring us to the next level. The intelligent workflows within Atlas give me the flexibility I need to support my customers.”

Tangoe’s portfolio of world-class solutions meets the needs of customers large and small all over the world. In addition to Tangoe Atlas, Tangoe Rivermine is a highly scalable and configurable platform best suited for the telecom and mobile expense needs of multinational clients with complex network environments. Tangoe Asentinel is a highly-automated platform best suited for clients looking for a hosted, easy to use, out of the box solution for managing mobile and telecom assets.

“Tangoe’s unmatched experience with technology expense management enables our clients to transform IT operations from a costly, time-consuming process to a value-adding component of their business transformation journey,” continued Irwin. “We partner with an impressive roster of Fortune 500 companies and other global enterprise clients to enable them to work smarter.”

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Tangoe helps its customers grow their bottom line. Leading global brands rely on Tangoe to increase productivity, reduce costs, and drive predictable results. The company’s technology solutions are the global expense management and mobility services standards for the world’s greatest brands who believe, like us, people work smarter when technology works for them. Learn how technology can make you work smarter at

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