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Tangoe Announces New Product Roadmap

Innovation helps customers reduce costs, increase productivity and improve predictable results

PARSIPPANY, New Jersey, October 18, 2018Tangoe, the leading technology expense management company with award-winning solutions for perfecting telecom, mobility and cloud expenses and assets, today announced the company’s new product roadmap. The Tangoe Atlas, Tangoe Rivermine and Tangoe Asentinel solutions, delivered on the Tangoe Atlas™ Platform, are undergoing significant enhancements and upgrades. The Tangoe product roadmap is aligned with Tangoe’s recently announced product strategy and will deliver the best customer experience in the business.

“Tangoe’s product roadmap gives customers the best technology and delivers unmatched automation, capabilities and insights” said Bob Irwin, Tangoe CEO. “The Tangoe Atlas Platform and the Tangoe Atlas, Tangoe Rivermine and Tangoe Asentinel products are the future of the technology expense management industry. Incorporating innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation and enhanced functionality for usage management, inventory management and reporting and analytics, we meet the current and future needs of our customers.”

The majority of Tangoe customers are expected to move to a Tangoe Atlas Platform solution – Tangoe Atlas, Tangoe Rivermine or Tangoe Asentinel – over the next 18 to 36 months. Tangoe is investing heavily to provide solutions which help customers reduce costs, increase productivity and improve predictable results.

The Tangoe Atlas Platform portal includes rich dashboards and reporting, and access to the most common tasks that users, executives and administrators want to do; delivered through a simple, intuitive user interface. By incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation, the Tangoe Atlas Platform automates invoice data collection and loading and includes application program interfaces (APIs) for easy integration with carriers, enterprise software vendors and partners.

Key highlights for each product include:

  • Tangoe Atlas is a cloud-based platform that perfects telecom, mobile and cloud expenses and assets in a single, unified solution. Tangoe Atlas users can customize their portal and easily access information including a snapshot of their work queue, expenses, usage and more. To keep their asset library up-to-date, users can automatically set an asset’s status to inactive, avoiding waste and reducing manual effort. Customizable reporting functionality allows users to automatically run and share the most up-to-date data. They can leverage a library of pre-built templates or easily customize reports and schedule them for automatic distribution to the right people at the right time. Quoting analytics allows users to compare vendor quotes for detailed analysis to make more informed business decisions. Because Tangoe Atlas integrates with accounting systems, customers can submit approved accounting transactions that go beyond basic invoice-level allocations.
  • Tangoe Rivermine is a highly-configurable platform for global customers with complex requirements and workflow. Tangoe Rivermine offers an improved user interface and enhanced functionality to enable self-service capabilities and increase efficiency. For improved self-service, customers will be able to remove the Bill to Company option on the Checkout Form and use the new Call Marking capabilities added to the project code. To increase efficiency, multiple in-progress-upgrade-device-only orders will be available per device, improved search capabilities on the allocation tab are offered, and batch uploads to move or change orders are now available.
  • Tangoe Asentinel is a highly-automated platform for customers looking for an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution for technology expense management. Tangoe Asentinel will have expanded international coverage to support global needs. It will incorporate an enhanced user interface, usability improvements and automation extensions for a more intuitive expense management experience. Dynamic reports allow customers to define reporting criteria by filtering on customer defined fields and narrowing search results. The new Dynamic Services Framework, enhanced to include all areas of the invoice lifecycle, can be mapped to inventory, audited, reported on and included in payment files. This gives customers the flexibility to manage all types of telecom, mobile or cloud assets and expenses and easily process and audit invoices, build inventory and report on the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) dynamic service type.

“Our customers are America’s greatest brands and have complex and diverse needs. Tangoe solutions offer them intelligent, automated capabilities to help them improve their bottom line,” said Irwin. “By driving innovation in Tangoe’s solutions, we are transforming the technology expense management industry, enabling our customers to work smarter than ever before.”


ABOUT TANGOE: Tangoe is the global standard for America’s greatest brands. Tangoe customers trust them to optimize more than $35 billion of technology expenses and manage the lifecycle of more than 10,000,000 technology assets. Tangoe’s customers cite five reasons Tangoe is their preferred solution:

  • Customers – Tangoe has earned the trust of a who’s who of America’s greatest companies.
  • Technology – Tangoe offers a modern, cloud-based, advanced-architecture technology platform.
  • Savings – Tangoe leads the industry in one-time, continuous, and total cost savings.
  • Global Reach – Tangoe serves the global needs of the largest, most sophisticated companies.
  • Customer Service – Tangoe has multiple quality initiatives delivering ever-better service for customers.

Tangoe is the industry leader. They optimize more technology expenses and manage more technology assets than their next three competitors, combined.