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Tangoe Announces Expanded Managed Mobility Solution (MMS) Capabilities

Release date: 6/25/2013
Tangoe MMS provides enterprises worldwide with a solution to help manage the entire mobility lifecycle including forward and reverse logistics

ORANGE, Conn.–Tangoe, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNGO), a leading global provider of Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) software and related services, today announced the expansion of its Managed Mobility Solution (MMS) offering with enhanced forward and reverse logistics capabilities. Tangoe’s globally available Managed Mobility Solution provides a full suite of services underpinned by cutting-edge software, allowing organizations to support a multi-faceted mobile strategy that can create revenue streams, manage productivity, and lower overall operational costs within the enterprise, while securing critical company resources and data.

In support of its new forward and reverse logistics capabilities, Tangoe has expanded its office in Austin, Texas to include a depot logistics facility. Tangoe’s forward logistics capabilities include ordering, programming, application loading, device staging and testing, and large group device migrations. Tangoe’s expanded MMS capabilities also include reverse logistics consisting of 24×7 global help desk support and device replacement and recycling.

“IT departments are often limited by not having the proper support staff or technical capabilities required to keep pace with changes and trends occurring within the mobile communications arena and, more importantly, within their mobile enterprise,” said Al Subbloie, president, CEO, and founder of Tangoe. “Building on the technology-enabled services our customers have relied upon for years—including device security, logistics, invoice processing, inventory management, and strategic consulting services—Tangoe’s expanded MMS solution provides critical mobility capabilities that many enterprises need to support their expanding mobile user bases. Utilizing Tangoe’s expanded MMS capabilities; organizations can now outsource device management and user support to Tangoe, allowing them to redirect their focus to strategic, core business issues.”

With the added forward and reverse logistics capabilities, Tangoe’s MMS capabilities now help enterprises manage five critical aspects of their entire mobile communications lifecycles:

  • Advise: Helps organizations examine multiple aspects of their communications lifecycle and make strategic, well informed decisions on how best to minimize costs, maximize visibility, ensure security, and increase user productivity.
  • Activate: Enables formal methodologies that result in only approved devices being provisioned, support for relevant liability and expense models, and the organization’s adherence to mobile policies and practices. Tangoe Activate now includes expanded forward logistics capabilities including installation, staging, testing, activation, and group deployments.
  • Manage: Monitors and protects thousands of mobile devices, their data, and applications regardless of type, carrier, or operating system, allowing organizations to more effectively manage applications, enforce security and policy compliance, secure content management, protect the enterprise persona with containerization, monitor device usage by geo-location, and authenticate network access for authorized users.
  • Expense: Helps to ensure that the organization pays the contracted rate for mobile services utilized while simultaneously examining cost and usage patterns to optimize and discover additional, ongoing savings, while enabling accurate and timely allocations and chargeback.
  • Support: Provides 24×7, follow-the-sun, multi-level support for the mobile workforce, enabling increased end-user satisfaction, optimized mobility productivity, and visibility into mobile expense management. Tangoe’s support services also include enhanced reverse logistics support and the ability to replace and recycle mobile devices.

With services in nearly 200 countries, Tangoe manages millions of mobile devices for more than one thousand clients around the globe and, each month, Tangoe helpdesk supports more than 30,000 calls in 18 different languages and dialects. Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Solution supports a myriad Wi-Fi or cellular network devices including tablets, smartphones, and ruggedized devices, and is available in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC regions.

In response to the rapidly growing demand for Managed Mobility Solutions, Tangoe is hosting a multi-city MMS seminar series. The first event will be held June 27, 2013, at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.