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A $35B manufacturing company needed assistance/expertise in negotiating their U.S. mobile contracts with major national carriers. Through direct contract negotiations,Tangoe was able to save the company $1.24M/year. 

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There are two different ways to be sure you’re getting the absolute best deal on your telecom or mobile contracts. 

The hard way:

Be an expert in regional carriers. Every regional carrier, every plan, every special offer, for every use case in your business. Study all of your bills weekly, monthly, and quarterly to track your usage data to uncover potential targeted service adjustments. And spend every working moment keeping up to date on all changes, all the variables, and all the data that comes along, while still executing the tasks to find, negotiate, and achieve the best rates for your business.  

The better way:

Let us do all of that. 

How it Works:

You can talk to one of the over 60 experts here at Tangoe, with a database of $34B in revenue across hundreds of providers, services, and geographies. Experts who have already exposed $120M in potential savings this year alone. Tangoe is here to get you the best deals in the business for your business.

And, right now, you can talk to one of those experts for free.  

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