Empowering Transformational Success through Technology Lifecycle Management

Every industry is being disrupted. Companies need to continuously transform their businesses to remain competitive. But, the IT infrastructures they operate today are getting more complex and consume too much of IT’s time just to keep running, much less improve.

At the same time, lines of business continue to grow impatient and acquire cloud-based solutions outside of IT, while employees increasingly use personal devices and apps to access corporate data.

This is the new reality—and it is creating serious threats to an organization’s productivity and security. With fewer resources and a growing shortage of critical skills, IT leaders are finding it difficult to address these challenges and nearly impossible to focus on innovation.

McKinsey says that 70% of DX initiatives fail because operational and process frameworks that coordinate and normalize the use of IT resources across the enterprise are missing.

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Visibility and Control for Inventory, Usage, and Spend

Tangoe’s vision is to guide clients on their journey towards innovative digital transformation by providing visibility and control into the inventory, usage, and spend that drive their organizations.

Tangoe fills the gaps and supplements your resources with unmatched experience, expertise, proven technology, and global reach. Our technology-enabled managed services assume much of the complexity associated with mobile, network, and cloud technologies, so you can reallocate more of your IT team resources to growing your business.

Discover how Tangoe’s Lifecycle Management solutions can help accelerate your digital transformation success.




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