Tamedia Significantly Reduces Mobile Costs with Tangoe

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Tangoe’s TEM Solution saves resources and eliminates errors with automation.

The Challenge

Switzerland’s largest private media group, Tamedia, owns numerous digital platforms, daily and weekly newspapers as well as magazines. Their prior technology expense management system lacked automation; invoices had to be entered manually, and costs were allocated by hand. No internal recharging was performed. Most challenging of all, the reporting features offered a macro view of the global cost evolution but lacked a detailed analysis of costs and individual reporting. This method was not only tedious, it also presented a huge potential source of errors. 

As mobile expenses continued to increase, Tamedia sought the expertise and assistance of Tangoe. The TEM solution was selected for its robust reporting capabilities. 


cost savings

in the first year alone

The Solution

One of the biggest challenges faced by Tamedia was a lack of visibility into the company’s mobile fleet of devices. Tamedia employees were able to obtain a private subscription for mobile phones provided that the company remained the owner of the contract and the employee received the invoices. It wasn’t uncommon for employees to continue to use these corporate devices at the expense of the company even after leaving the company. With the TEM solution, Tamedia is now able to control and monitor all contracts and usage. 

Rolls-Royce Rolls into Major Savings with Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services

Complete & Up-to-Date Inventory

Knowledge of carrier & vendor intricacies 

Rolls-Royce Rolls into Major Savings with Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services

Customized Reporting

Promotes ownership and optimization 

Tamedia Significantly Reduces Mobile Costs with Tangoe

No More Ghost Mobile Phones

With added cost reductions and greater efficiencies

The Outcome

As of a result of the TEM solution, excessive consumption was eliminated as any anomalies or abuse that occur can readily be corrected. Tamedia can also make better use of carrier options to reduce costs and negotiate accordingly. Furthermore, each mobile phone is clearly associated with a specific user, and each manager is informed through reporting, meaning no more “ghost mobile phones” exist. 

These strategies generated substantial cost savings and improved the company’s budget.