Arup Builds a Stronger Mobility Program with Tangoe

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

This professional services firm, known for taking on complex and challenging tasks, knew they would need to deploy a more powerful mobility management platform to manage their mobile devices. Having more than doubled the number of mobile devices, they needed a way to simplify, manage and optimize their usage and spend.

The Challenge

Arup, a global professional services firm headquartered in London, provides engineering, design, planning, project management, and consulting services for all aspects of the building environment. Arup’s IT Client Services Leader for the Americas Region was tasked with identifying a solution that would provide end users with visibility into Arup’s monthly mobility usage and spend, streamline device request workflows, and automate tasks to reduce the amount of time the IT team spent supporting end users.Prior to Tangoe, Arup’s IT team worked diligently to assign, seek approval, provision, and deliver a Corporate-Liable (CL) device for end-users. Each CL device was then provided with a monthly statement detailing mobile usage and spend. The IT team was also responsible for end-user support and troubleshooting. The totality of these tasks proved to be immensely time consuming day-to-day, resulting in less work hours devoted to high-value projects.

The Solution

After a thorough review of Arup’s needs, -Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services (MMS) product was chosen to streamline processes and efficiencies. Through this solution, the tasks burdening the IT team’s time would be simplified, managed, and optimized from a central source. This solution implementation allows Tangoe to take on the responsibilities of usage reporting, help desk support, sourcing and logistics. MMS not only solves the current issues, it also provides scalability for the future in a seamless environment.

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

Single Sign-On

Centralized data, usage, and billing

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

Management at Scale

2x the devices at static spend

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

Help Desk Support

automation-driven approach

The Outcome

Arup and Tangoe have created a successful partnership. In addition to providing end users with visibility into their monthly mobility usage and spend, streamlining device request workflows, and automating tasks to reduce the amount of time the IT team spends on mobility support, Tangoe has helped drive down program expenditure with strategic monthly analysis and bill optimization.With single sign-on, employees and administrators have access to a single source of truth for usage and billing data, allowing Arup to double the number of mobile devices utilized by staff while keeping costs static and optimized. Automation tools now allow for automatic requests, provisioning, and delivery of new devices for current and new hire employees. With the implementation of MMS dedicated help-desk, more requests are handled through software queries leading to a more than 50% decrease in mobility-related service desk inquires. Moving forward, Arup will continue to leverage Tangoe’s recommendations, best practices, and industry-leading, software-first MMS to drive global innovation and growth.