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Work Smarter: Tangoe LIVE 2018!

After an incredible opening day yesterday, we’re already diving straight into learning more about Tangoe’s plans to help you work smarter on day 2 here at Tangoe LIVE!

Our new CTO, Yaakov Shapiro, took to the stage to give us the latest on our product engineering plans. Passionate about keeping customers at the center of everything engineering does, Yaakov cares about delivering a high quality and continuously improving customer experience through our technology. He even made a personal commitment to all of our customers that Tangoe will keep that promise!


I was excited to see Maribel Lopez, author, speaker, and analyst at Lopez Research, back by popular demand from last year’s Tangoe LIVE. Maribel reminded us that it is truly “the best of times and the worst of times” when it comes to technology. We have more access to technology and innovation than ever before, but we’re also facing more complexity, risk, and change.

The questions on everyone’s minds: “How do we thrive during these tumultuous times? How do we harness the opportunities that lie in these changes?” Maribel encouraged us all to define what digital mastery looks like for ourselves and our organizations and harness scalable software and services.

At Tangoe, we encourage you to let us be a part of your digital mastery journey. Take advantage of the insights provided by our platform training tracks so you can dig in and truly work smarter.