What is Culture? Season 3 – Episode #8: The Past is the Past

What is Culture? Podcast - Season Three

This week, I share my conversation with Brett Bonner, Tangoe’s Director of Product Ops, who works from our Memphis, Tennessee office. Product Ops is an emerging discipline within the field of Product Management, and it supports the Product Management teams with initiatives like data analysis, process streamlining, establishing and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), and managing common product management services, such as product training and product documentation.

Brett Bonner, Product Ops | TangoeBeyond work, Brett is somewhat of a Renaissance man, with many hobbies and talents. He says he’s passionate about all things wildlife and habitat conservation. He also plays guitar and bass guitar and is into fly fishing and photography. Plus, he owns two dogs, a Labrador and a Pointer, which he competes with in the international sport of field trials, which was created in Memphis and is the epicenter of the sport today. He’s the kind of person you talk to who makes you think to yourself, “Boy, I really need to find myself a hobby…”

Prior to Asentinel, Brett spent his entire professional career—from college intern to senior staff—with the same organization, which was headquartered in Memphis. One day, after 15 years of service, he decided he was too ambitious and too impatient for that work environment, and he took a leap and joined Asentinel in October of 2016 as their Marketing Director. Nine months later, after the Marlin acquisition of Tangoe and the merger with Asentinel, everything changed for Brett, and he was presented with some professional challenges. Still, the past is the past, and he’s happy he stuck it out and found his place within the organization.

We talk all about that.

We talk about the culture shock that Brett experienced as Tangoe merged with Asentinel, and the journey and the progression of his career and the culture within our Memphis office and the rest of the organization. We talk about the strides Tangoe has made in the last year in terms of culture. We recount the past with a purpose. As a reference point. To highlight how far we’ve come.

Additionally, Brett and I spend a good portion of the conversation discussing Tangoe Learn, a new website that will deliver interactive and on-demand training content to an audience of Tangoe users. It’s scheduled to roll out January 2020 and is expected to be a “game changer” for our customers and for our industry.

Here’s my conversation with the very passionate Brett Bonner. Let’s all learn from him.

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How does Tangoe—a global organization with over 2,000 employees in 11 countries, who has acquired several organizations throughout its nearly 20-year history—maintain, nurture, or alter its collective company culture? Can it be done? Before answering that, an organization must first discover its culture as it currently exists—without judgement. And that’s precisely what this podcast aims to do. Join us as we rediscover Tangoe’s culture through a series of candid interviews with employees, industry analysts, clients, and more. Learn more about the podcast What is Culture?

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