What is Culture? Season 3 – Episode #11: Tell Your Story

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, mortgage & real estate expert, and host of the podcast, “What Are You Made Of?” In this episode, you’ll learn how Mike and his three best friends focused on culture to help build one of the most profitable divisions within their organization, Nations Lending.

You’ll also hear the four focus areas he used and continues to use in order to help develop, nurture, and maintain a healthy and productive culture. Plus, you’ll get to hear about the power of storytelling, including a pivotal moment in Mike’s childhood that helped spark his new podcast and the ‘what are you made of’ movement.

Here’s my conversation with the captivating Mike Ciorrocco. Let’s all learn from him.

More About Mike “C-Roc” Cirrocco

C-Roc is a motivator, facilitator, dynamic public speaker, and a fierce friend & coach. At his core, he says he’s, “…a grinder – just a guy who had a fire lit in his belly at an early age.” That fire has led him to inspire others to see the greatness inside of themselves using past life events to fuel their fire.

Check out his podcast, What Are You Made Of?

Mike has spoken in front of thousands of real estate agents, showing them how to grow their business, not only via traditional marketing methods, but also by using outside-the-box digital and social media marketing.

About the What is Culture? Podcast

How does Tangoe—a global organization with over 2,000 employees, who has acquired several organizations throughout its nearly 20-year history—maintain, nurture, or alter its collective company culture? Can it be done? Before answering that, an organization must first discover its culture as it currently exists—without judgement. And that’s precisely what this podcast aims to do. Join us as we rediscover Tangoe’s culture through a series of candid interviews with employees, industry analysts, clients, and more. Learn more about the podcast What is Culture?

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please send me an email at Rocco.Lungariello@tangoe.com.

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