What is Culture? Season 3 – Episode #10: Healthy Vulnerability

If you’re familiar with this podcast, then you know that most of the guests have been employees of Tangoe. But looking ahead, I will feature guests from several other organizations, professions, and industries, all with their own unique perspectives and contributions. Culture is a hot topic in the workplace, and we can all learn from each other. Still, I will continue to interview Tangoe employees, just not so exclusively, which was always the plan for this show.

This week, I’m happy to share my conversation with Nicole Jansen, keynote speaker, founder of Discover the Edge, host of the podcast Leaders of Transformation, and co-author of the book, “Power Up, Super Women.” Although Nicole and I cover many topics in our conversation, the importance of vulnerability and the positive impact it can have on culture—both inside and outside of work—stuck out the most to me, hence the title of this episode.

She and I met on the site Tribe of Titans, an audience collaboration platform founded by Josh and Tyler Tapp; we had a quick chat before we recorded and connected instantly. Here’s my conversation with the very knowledgeable, very down-to-earth, and very real Nicole Jansen. Let’s all learn from her:

About Nicole Jansen

Nicole Jansen

As a business owner and entrepreneur for over 30 years, Nicole has helped thousands of leaders and organizations earn millions of dollars by bringing value to the marketplace. Her deep passion for helping people discover their greatness and live life at the next level is what has made her one of the most in-demand speakers and coaches in her region.

Nicole is the founder of Discover The Edge, host of the Leaders Of Transformation podcast, and co-author of the book, “Power Up, Super Women.” For more information about Nicole, including the free resource Transforming your Business into a Force for Good, visit discovertheedge.com/whatisculture.

About the What is Culture? Podcast

How does Tangoe—a global organization with over 2,000 employees, who has acquired several organizations throughout its nearly 20-year history—maintain, nurture, or alter its collective company culture? Can it be done? Before answering that, an organization must first discover its culture as it currently exists—without judgement. And that’s precisely what this podcast aims to do. Join us as we rediscover Tangoe’s culture through a series of candid interviews with employees, industry analysts, clients, and more. Learn more about the podcast What is Culture?

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