What is Culture? Season 2 – Episode #5: Partnership

Podcast - What is Culture? Season 2

This week’s guest is Julie Davis, Team Lead for the Telecom Expense Management team at KeyBank. In our very fun and interesting conversation, Julie discusses the culture at her organization, as well as her perception of ours here at Tangoe. We also talk about some initiatives that are taking place at KeyBank to foster a more positive culture, which I found especially impressive.

This is a significant moment for the podcast. Think about interviewing your client and asking them candid, unedited questions about their perception of your company culture? I mean who does that? This is sheer madness, right? Well no. We are just a courageous organization on a genuine path to discovering our culture. (In the below image, Julie is pictured to the right, alongside her KeyBank colleague Kim Beckwith.)

Julie Davis at Tangoe LIVE 2019

The great thing about expanding beyond Tangoe employees, is that we get to learn about the cultures of other organizations. And in this case, that organization is KeyBank, a major national bank headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with over 18,000 employees and branches in over 15 US States. Tangoe has been partnering with KeyBank since 2014.

Sometimes you are so focused on improving what you’re doing wrong that you lose sight of all the things you’re doing right. As I said to Julie in the interview, this episode was a gift. And I thank her for sharing some of the details of her relationship with Tangoe. To hear that we are living out our purpose—helping millions of people work smarter everyday—is validating.

Still, the goal of this show is not to highlight how great we are as a company. This interview was not staged. It was the first time I ever spoke with Julie, and clearly she’s a genuine person who has developed a great relationship with the team at Tangoe. Again, this episode was a gift, but we should continue to aspire to develop the same partnerships that exists with KeyBank with all of our clients, our vendors, and our employees.

Here’s my conversation with Julie Davis from KeyBank. Let’s all learn from her:

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How does Tangoe—a global organization with over 2,200 employees in 11 countries, who has acquired several organizations throughout its nearly 20-year history—maintain, nurture, or alter its collective company culture? Can it be done? Before answering that, an organization must first discover its culture as it currently exists—without judgement. And that’s precisely what this podcast aims to do. Join us as we rediscover Tangoe’s culture through a series of candid interviews with employees, industry analysts, clients, and more. Learn more about the podcast What is Culture?

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