What is Culture? Season 1 – Episode #12: It’s the How

What is Culture?

This week, I sit down with one of the most courageous, fascinating, and inspiring humans being that I’ve ever met: Kyle Borner, Director of Global Data Loading & Invoice Processing and General Manager for Tangoe China, who has been with the organization for close to nine years.

Kyle Borner, TangoeKyle optimizes courage. Think about having the courage after just graduating college in New York to then move to China to teach English. When I was that age, after finishing college, I was living with my parents—eating all of their food, sending out resumes here and there. But courageous decisions often lead to opportunity.

After one year of teaching Freshman English overseas, Kyle was offered a position in 2010 and accepted the role of Tangoe China’s General Manager, where in addition to many responsibilities, he managed the day-to-day operations. In fact, Kyle oversaw and executed development of the APAC Regional Headquarters from five employees at the outset to more than 180 in less than two years. Currently, Tangoe’s Kunshan, China location houses more than 200 employees.

Kyle kind of blew my mind a bit when he said that culture is an individual endeavor—that defining and building a culture is totally within our own control. As he says, it’s those small interactions of how we do our work, how we interact, how we communicate, that when built up over time and over millions of interactions is what ultimately is our culture.

Kyle has a very interesting narrative, as well as a unique and insightful perspective about culture, and I was so happy that he and I were able to meet in person and record this episode in our Shelton, Connecticut office.

Here’s my conversation with Kyle Borner. Let’s all learn from him.

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