What is Culture? Season 1 – Episode #16: Tangoe LIVE 2019 Recap

What is Culture?

This week’s episode is a look back at Tangoe LIVE 2019, which took place just days ago, May 19-22. Now that the event has concluded, I thought this would be a perfect time to initiate season two of this podcast. And so, this episode is our season one finale.

Thank you to the listeners for being a part of the first phase in our journey towards rediscovering Tangoe’s culture. And of course, thank you to our guests; it took courage and trust to put yourselves out there like you did.

The past 15 episodes have featured—exclusively—Tangoe employees. And although I will continue to interview Tangoeroos, now that we have established our roots, it’s time to expand the show to include stories from our clients, vendors, and more. In fact, next week’s show, which will be episode one of season two, will feature an interview with our very first non-Tangoe employee. The coolest thing about the interview was that we recorded at Tangoe LIVE. Listen to this week’s episode for a sneak peek.

Tangoe LIVE 2019 Was Emotional

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention CenterTo me, the event didn’t feel like a user conference. It felt like a gathering of like-minded professionals. A giant meetup with business partners. A celebration of ideas with colleagues. Maybe it’s strange to say, but the whole experience was emotional.

The goal of Tangoe LIVE, our annual user conference, is to educate and connect with our global community of clients. Attendees get to hear directly from Tangoe executives and management about the current and future goals of our business, what we are doing to stay ahead of industry trends and how we are helping our clients continue to work smarter every day.  Tangoe LIVE provides interactive breakout sessions that include industry best practices, customer success stories, and Tangoe product tips and tricks. Plus, Tangoe LIVE provides an opportunity for our attendees to network with hundreds of their peers from a wide variety of industries, all while having a little fun – or a lot of fun.

The Venue Was Majestic

Tangoe LIVE 2019 was the organization’s fifth annual conference and my first time attending. It took place at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s hard to describe the venue, so I encourage those who’ve not been, to google some photos. It’s incredible. My initial reaction was that it felt like a gigantic cruise ship, except, you know, not in the middle of an ocean.

Empty Main Stage at Tangoe LIVEAs I was looking through all of the photos I took at Tangoe LIVE, the one that stood out to me most is a picture of the main stage. Not when our CEO was up there, or when Mike Walsh delivered an exceptional keynote – but this was a photograph of an empty main stage. Broken down. With chairs stacked like bricks. Just an empty room.

And to think that’s how it all started. This photograph is a perfect metaphor for the entire event. That it was just the canvas. None of it possible without the blood, sweat and tears of dozens and dozens of dedicated people. Think about all of the signs that had to be designed and placed. All of the PowerPoint slides that had to be built and rebuilt and rebuilt a again. All of the rooms that were booked – the coordination of them. Think about the meals that were served and cleared. All of the breakout sessions that were presented. The list goes on and on. Think about year of planning to coordinate three days. When I stop to really think about it, I am humbled and honored to work at an organization with such talented and dedicated colleagues.

Key Takeaways from the Conference

As my first time attending Tangoe LIVE, I tried to experience the event as if I were a client. And so to me, it was clear that Tangoe has invested, they are investing, and will continue to invest in their clients’ success. Their platform is a complete solution – for fixed, mobile, and cloud. It is built on world class technology, with industry-leading automation, providing a great user experience. And most importantly, the platform is built by and managed by the most experienced, dedicated, passionate, and engaged people in the industry. It’s the people…

If I were a client, I would have left the event thinking: These folks get it. We are partnering with the right organization. We are putting our trust in those who’ve earned it.

All of the main stage speakers delivered with such confidence and clarity. It was as if they approached the stage with this driving thought: I am simply going to present what Tangoe is doing to help and continue to help millions of people work smarter every day. It was just so matter-of-fact. It was calming, even. It was just business as usual. No big deal. We are Tangoe. You know Tangoe. This is what we do and will do and have done. Perhaps that is why nearly everyone in attendance made it out to celebrate at the Wildhorse Saloon. It was an opportunity to truly relax.

Lastly, Katie Ferrante-Greene, our Director of Customer Programs, who headed up Tangoe LIVE 2019, would like to thank the following Tangoeroos, who are listed in alphabetical order, for their contributions to the event:

Amanda Vernazza, Audra Felton, Carolyn D’Andrea, Chris Luckenbill, Chrissy Pfeiffer, Christi Vawter, David Gilchrist, Drew Rosenbloom, Ije Rodgers, Jasin Thomason, Kelly Rinaldi, Paul Ringer, Rocco Lungariello, Ryan Simmons, Sam Aruajo, Sarah Curtis & Yvette Chambers.

This event optimized one of our four cores values, which is selflessness: We work together for the good of each other. I’m telling you, this event was and is emotional.

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