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What C-Level Executives Think About: Operational Efficiencies, Reducing Costs, and Estate Control

c-level executives

Learn how Tangoe can help you optimize your organization’s connection lifecycle management.

As the number of connection points proliferates for enterprise organizations, we are finding that mobility, complexity, and capital expenditures can easily spin out of control. Without visibility to manage the various connections, organizations can unnecessarily waste up to 10 percent of their annual revenue on Information Technology (IT), telecom, cloud and fixed expenses.

In this video, Paul Ybarra, Senior Vice President of International Sales at Tangoe, shares insights about the concerns of c-level executives when it comes to managing all of their organization’s connections. For multinational corporations, this is even more complex as contract requirements differ across nations.

Connectivity across an enterprise organization is extremely difficult to manage, especially when there are different pricing models, bundles, currencies, and regulations to consider. The foundation of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) offers an ideal framework to manage the pervasive growth of network connections, bringing order to the enterprise-wide chaos that plagues the executive suite.

According to Ybarra, the top three concerns of today’s c-level executives are: operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and estate control. Each of these can be easily addressed when a connection lifecycle management strategy is implemented.

Underpinned by Tangoe’s software and expertise, connection lifecycle management can allow enterprises to gain control and visibility of their complex IT, mobility, and telecom investment, providing the capability to reduce costs, boost productivity, and service customers more effectively.