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Weekly News Wednesday: Technology Transforming the Future

technology transforming future

Today, more than 80% of all businesses believe IT is a strategic enabler—almost twice as many when compared to 2016’s figure. And, while every enterprise uses technology in unique ways, there’s no doubt it’s a critical component that influences future-facing organizational success.

A few years ago, this opinion may have been considered somewhat debatablenow, it’s an all-too-true reality of the digital world we inhabit. In fact, several of this week’s technology-focused news articles spoke directly to these innovations and how their transformative potential creates never-before-seen levels of opportunity.

Below is a collection of our favorite stories and updates from the wide world of enterprise tech:

So, how can your company navigate the not-so-certain future of IT? We may be slightly biased, but partnering with a global provider that has more than 20 years of experience is never a bad place to start. Talk to one of Tangoe’s technology experts to see how our Enterprise Technology Management solutions can ensure digital transformation and growth.