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Weekly News Wednesday: The Mobile Application Generation

mobile app

Every year, mobile employees are downloading more and more applications to get work done. This year, smartphone users will download more than 200 billion apps—by 2022, that figure will exceed 250 billion, marking an almost 50% increase in five years’ time.

So, how has the mobile app industry grown to become a powerhouse that will generate revenues of almost $189 billion in 2020? While the answer is a combination of several factors, most workers point to the convenience and personalized experiences these solutions offer.

In fact, today’s mobile employees spend almost 90% of their device usage time inside apps versus surfing the web. For smartphone users, this trend is even more dramatic—97% of usage time is focused purely on favorite apps (including 50% on the number one app of choice).

With so much media buzz and innovation surrounding the mobile app space, let’s look at some of this week’s hottest app-focused tech news:

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