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Uncovering the Hidden Pitfalls of Mobility in Our Latest Webinar

Uncovering the Hidden Pitfalls of Mobility in Our Latest Webinar

We recently sat down with Tangoe’s Director of Product Marketing for Mobile Solutions, Craig Riegelhaupt, to discuss his latest webinar on the pitfalls of mobility. Here’s what he had to say about avoiding those major mobile execution stumbling blocks.

Tangoe: What were some of the themes and topics that you covered in the webinar? We know it’s about avoiding the pitfalls in building your mobility strategy, but what else?

Craig Riegelhaupt:  I structured the webinar around three major themes:

  1. The first theme centered around the fact that even the most seasoned and specialized technology experts sometimes do not have a deep enough knowledge of mobility, and might not know what approach to take. They basically have the “wait and see” approach. This means that they sort of sit back until something goes wrong and then act. It’s actually pretty common.
  2. The next theme then involves mobile security – this addresses groups that are a bit further down the line in regards to their mobile maturity. They do understand the risks so they deploy security measures, but there’s usually some confusion on as to which solution is the right one because there are so many different offerings out there.
  3. Finally, most enterprises think all they need to do is set up an EMM stack, and they’re good to go. Mobility is much more complex than that—while most of the EMM stacks have simplified their configuration, many enterprise deployments include a level of complexity that requires a lot more than a plug-and-play solution. If EMM is not managed the right way, you just won’t get the right results. In fact, the majority of organizations only use 10% of the capability of their EMM stack.

Tangoe: As long as they’re using an EMM stack, shouldn’t they automatically have the right security features in place and running efficiently?

CR: No, that’s one of the major issues that Tangoe tries to educate people on: making sure that the EMM stack is configured, managed, and optimized to its fullest. For example, an organization might have a robust EMM stack that they’re only using for managing email. When in fact, their EMM solution could take over content management and allow them to control who has access to certain types of information and content. They could also benefit from mobile identity management, which essentially tells you who can access what and makes sure users are who they say they are. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

Tangoe: During your webinar, what particular stat or piece of information surprised participants the most?

CR: A Ponemon study revealed that 67% of IT security professionals at global 2,000 companies say they are either certain (or that’s it very likely) that their organization has experienced a data breach as a result of a mobile device.

Think about that for second.

That’s pretty scary. The majority of organizations are aware of the threat mobility presents, they don’t necessarily take the appropriate steps to mitigate this risk. Millions of employees use mobile devices every second of the day so if you’re not protecting your mobile environment, there will be a breach sooner and more often than you think.

Tangoe: What do you like most about webinars and do you have one planned for the near future?

CR: Part of my job means that I have to know what the needs of customers are and what’s going on in the mobile world. Having these webinars allows me to share our research and development and interact with people afterwards to further discuss the challenges in a way that is pertinent and relevant to them. I also enjoy getting emails at the end of the webinar. And I do have a follow-up webinar coming up but I can’t reveal the launch date just yet. You’ll have to stay tuned!

Ready for more insights? Access the webinar here. For a how-to guide to realizing your mobile vision, download the eBook “6 Steps to Execute on Your Mobile Strategy.