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The Evolving Management of Telecom, Cloud, and IT Expense


Learn how Tangoe helps bring visibility to the complexity surrounding your enterprise’s telecom, cloud, IT, and fixed expenses.

For most enterprise organizations, lack of visibility fuels confusion around the management of telecom, cloud, IT, and fixed expenses. For multinational corporations, management of these connections has become more complex as contracts and subscriptions change across a diverse range of countries and geographies.

Shane Stowells, Vice President of Direct Sales, EMEA, discusses how this acute lack of visibility for these types of expenses can slip out of control. There is value in utilizing a managed service as opposed simply a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to manage connectivity expenses.

Originally, organizations wanted to know more about their fixed expenditure. As such, it was becoming abundantly clear that a lack of visibility surrounding these expenses was allowing them to grow at an uncomfortably rapid rate. It takes extensive analysis to manage an ever growing network of cloud, telecom, and IT expenses.

Market expectations of telecom expense management (TEM) services are expanding beyond the basics of expense management and savings opportunities, to include such wider-value functions as data analytics. – Gartner

A solution that not only alleviates the complexity of enterprise connectivity management, but also allows for significant amounts of revenue to be dedicated to innovative solutions is what is most desirable to the modern CIO.

Many CIOs don’t have a wide grasp of their fixed expenditures, and a managed service including advanced analytics helps gain a ‘big picture’ understanding of how related budgets are being used across all IT expenses.