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Five Telecom Expense Management Tools for Mobile-First Enterprises

Telecom Expense Management

Many current customers migrated from wireline-focused Telecom Expense Management providers seeking a more impactful solution for managing mobile technology spend. Through our customer onboarding process, Tangoe’s Telecom Expense Management Team rights the wrongs of legacy vendors by using five software-driven Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) tools. Below is a summary of how each tool simplifies and streamlines Telecom Expense Management:

Telecom Expense Management Tool #1: Balancing to Zero

Balancing to zero is one of the most basic monthly Telecom Expense Management functions our team performs but is something ETM programs may be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Many wireline-focused vendors skip this step, resulting in invisible equipment charges, credits and fees being charged to their customers every month. To save every unnecessary charge possible, Tangoe’s analysts look at current charges for each managed carrier account, make any relevant adjustments and ensure invoice charges match the actual amount being billed.

Telecom Expense Management Tool #2: Custom Reporting

Every enterprise has unique needs that frequently take the form of a custom report of some kind – a manager file, cost center rollup or maybe a tax breakout. What Tangoe typically sees from legacy Telecom Expense Management solutions is an overly complicated process that may work, but in a way that’s more confusing and time-intensive than necessary.

As it turns out, most enterprises’ custom reporting needs can be satisfied entirely through Tangoe’s goPlatform. A Cost Center Report, for example, is a report that can be customized, scheduled and delivered within our software from the first day of implementation because its automation-driven capabilities are built to answer customers’ most common questions—meaning Tangoe’s reporting tools continuously evolve as market demands change.

Telecom Expense Management Tool #3: Line Labeling

Carriers typically ask enterprises to assign a label or name to a line upon activation, but what happens when it’s reassigned to another user? A wireline-focused Telecom Expense Management provider’s answer: usually nothing.

For example, John leaves the company and his phone is given to Jane. Traditional Telecom Expense Management partners aren’t prepared for this activity and therefore can’t guarantee a line’s carrier labels are up-to-date going forward, creating ETM program complexity and confusion. Because our platform tracks line ownership transfers, Tangoe’s team can compare who the carrier thinks a line belongs to against who we know owns it. If there are discrepancies, our team makes the necessary updates so asset usage and service charge accuracy is ensured.

Telecom Expense Management Tool #4: Timeliness

The world of ETM moves fast; plans, trends and equipment continuously change. If a Telecom Expense Management partner can’t keep up, it can cost a customer big-time. Too often, we’ve seen legacy TEM providers wait so long to deliver expense reports and recommendations that the information is out of date and unactionable by the time it reaches the customer.

This causes even more issues, like significant prorated charges and mislabeled plan names, when plan changes are needed but a new carrier billing cycle has already begunassuming the changes are even still relevant. Tangoe, on the other hand, automatically delivers billing optimization and savings recommendations as soon as carrier data becomes available, enabling enterprises to take advantage of actionable Telecom Expense Management insights immediately.

Telecom Expense Management Tool #5: The Detail is in the Data

Where most Telecom Expense Management partners might see a basic international roaming charge, Tangoe analysts see a three-month trip through Europe with stops in France, Germany, and Spain. If a customer is lucky, its TEM solution might point out upward-trending data usage over the past three months. What they probably won’t notice is that it spikes every year for this three-month period, only to fall back down afterwards. Digging deeper into data and usage trends sets our solution apart, provide accurate recommendations and uncover immediate savings opportunities.

Accurate and timely Telecom Expense Management is vital to ETM program success, but wireline-focused TEM solutions seldom offer impactful or reliable return on investment. Tangoe Managed Mobility Services (MMS) offer your business a comprehensive, automation-driven software platform that saves enterprises more money than any other solution in the industry. Talk to one of our global experts to find out how.