Telecom Order, Invoice and Expense Management

The Tangoe solution helps companies manage enterprise telecom programs, expenses, and assets in one place. Telcom includes your data and voice services, ranging from internet, MPLS, and SD-WAN connections to VoIP and long-distance calling. The Platform empowers you to centralize, comprehend, and control every aspect of your global telecom ecosystem. Tangoe supports the highest complexity telecom environments while providing the simplest user experience relative to other telecom expense management vendors.

With Tangoe you can cultivate your business’s growth and agility.


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Looking for one solution to manage mobile, telecom and cloud technology environments? Read about the Tangoe Solution.

Tangoe saved clients more than $70 million in 2019.

What Does the Tangoe Platform Do for Telecom?


It’s frustrating when you need to interpret telecom costs from multiple data sources, work with different billing systems, and track inventory across multiple locations in spreadsheets and databases. Tangoe makes it easy to make confident telecom expense management decisions.

Using automation and integration, centralize the data you need and links it all together –

  • Telecom invoice management
  • Telecom inventory management
  • Global asset location data
  • Contract and vendor management
  • Order management


You may know what your organization spends on telecom, but do you always know where, why, and for which departments and people? With Tangoe you can understand those details, find information quickly, and get the most out of reports.

Comprehend the big picture and the underlying details.

  • Spend, inventory, and order reporting linked to cost centers, general ledgers, locations, and contracts
  • Self-service insights and data retrieval
  • Historic spend analyses
  • Telecom vendor management

Consulting Available: We provide advisory services to optimize your telecom inventory and contracts and answer your tough questions.


Could you be paying for a service you no longer receive, overpaying, or counting on a contract that just expired? The solutions to these problems, once discovered, are straightforward for any telecom expense management professional but without the right tools discovering them and improving ROI can be difficult.

Makes inefficiencies visible and controllable –

  • Invoice audits with automated alerts.
  • Automatically check invoices against inventory, rates, and more.
  • Dispute management
  • Contract and vendor management
  • Invoice management, approval flows, and auto-approvals
  • Apply allocation configurations up-front to every invoice.

Meet Our Expert
Igor Altman | Vice President, Product Management

As Vice President, Product Management, Igor Altman is responsible for the Telecom Expense Management area of the Tangoe platform. This includes all “fixed” components of telecom including traditional phone lines, ISDN, T1 lines, MPLS, OC3 and SD-WAN.

Prior to his experience at Tangoe, Igor built the foundation for his career in product management and software technology expertise at Medidata Solutions. For nearly eight years, he served as Senior Director, Product Management for the company that specializes in developing and marketing software as a service (SaaS) for clinical trials.

Other experience in the software industry included Senior Associate at Openview Venture Partners for nearly five years, and Analyst for Insight Venture Partners for two years.

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Proven Telecom Expense Management Leadership

We optimized our solution for your needs, simplifying telecom and making it easier for you to do the hard things. That, paired with excellent service, is what makes Tangoe stand out from other telecom expense management companies. You’ll never need to sweat over code or stare blankly at an over-complicated report. The only things to deal with are insights and results. Learn how these industry leaders use our solution to cut costs and maximize productivity.

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Advanced Inventory Management

Extend device lifecycle with a full range of simplified Depot services using integrated platform support with supply chain solutions to fulfill, recover, repair, recycle, accurately allocate costs, increase asset availability, gain global visibility, and accelerate deployments.

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