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Telecom Asset Management Software’s Five Most Requested Features

telecom asset management software

Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) can be complicated. Trying to deploy smartphones, tablets, hotspots, IoT and other connected devices to the right people, at the right time and with the right carrier plans is tricky. Managers of this madness need telecom asset management software capable of executing their strategic vision to make sense of the chaos. While there are many features they need to accomplish this daunting task, here are the five most requested telecom asset management software features we hear:

Telecom Asset Management Software Feature #1: Automated International Travel

Do your employees travel internationally? Do they use their iPhone or tablet to watch four seasons of Game of Thrones and rack up serious data charges? Even if they don’t, are you a week late or a thousand dollars short of getting the correct plan on their connected device? That’s a lot of questions; my point is Tangoe’s telecom asset management software platform can translate this foreign affair. We use configurations and, in some cases, robots to automatically turn on the right international data plan when a user crosses borders. Then, we turn it off when they return.

Telecom Asset Management Software Feature #2: Valuable Reporting

Every ETM manager needs good data. They want end users to see their detailed spend and usage. They may even want managers to see their team’s spend and any overages incurred by direct reports. They want cost center or department heads to have access to data, but only to what each specifically governs and cares about. While all this data may be available, trying to reconcile, allocate and deliver it can take serious time—sometimes weeks. Tangoe’s telecom asset management software quickly answers ETM questions by leveraging lightning-fast, contextualized tools to create complex reports on-the-fly.

Telecom Asset Management Software Feature #3: Interoperability

This is a fancy word for, “Can you integrate with <insert software> or <insert process>?” Not every ETM program is created equal. Some initiate tickets in one system that communicates with others to eventually tell a human employee. An ideal telecom asset management solution should embrace Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). Telecom asset management software should also integrate with vendors, provide real-time data, communicate with internal systems and analyze raw information. Tangoe’s ever-growing set of RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), rule-based Webhooks and incredibly configurable software tools give us superpower-like interoperability.

Telecom Asset Management Software Feature #4: Global Partner

If you manage a global ETM environment, you know not all carriers are created equal. And that’s not just coverage—dealing with non-existent carrier portals or data that isn’t delivered on time, in the right format or even electronically in the reality of many telecom asset management software products. Business with many of these carriers is conducted on good relationships. If you want orders processed or billing data delivered on time, you need a trusted partner to liaison with carrier teams. Tangoe processes data and places moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACDs) with hundreds of carriers worldwide. We establish the right rapport, receive data in multiple formats and normalize everything in a unified format inside our telecom asset management software. We’ll also display billing in native currencies, translate our platform into local languages and offer multilingual ETM support options.

Telecom Asset Management Software Feature #5: Streamlined Workflow

Connected device workflows are unconventional. There are many tasks that require input from multiple stakeholders—end users, approvers, service providers, carriers and vendors to name a few. ETM program managers need to automate processes, approvals and employee communications to ensure that no matter who is requesting a device, changing a phone number, transferring connections or decommissioning a device, each step is completed in the right order and in the right way. Tangoe’s user-friendly telecom asset management software makes identifying, optimizing and modifying your ETM program workflows easy. Configurable self-service options help eliminate your internal IT management burden.

Want to know what else our telecom asset management software can do to enhance your ETM program? Talk to one of Tangoe’s global technology experts to find out!