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Tangoe’s Go Bot Family in Action at Tangoe LIVE 2019

RPA bot automation

There’s going to be lots of discussion about bots at Tangoe LIVE 2019—and for good reason. After all, enterprises will invest three billion dollars on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies by 2021.

Did you know Tangoe’s ahead-of-the-curve family of bots is already saving clients money by eliminating technology management expenses? It’s true—we’re using automation to help businesses get smarter and more productive across many industries. Every day, Tangoe leverages Go Bots to facilitate more than 7,200 customer interactions, process almost 5,000 activities, and create more than 83,000 billing data transformations.

RPA’s Real-World Impact

In fact, our Johnny bot has already helped Rolls-Royce North America, an engineering company focused on world-class power and propulsion systems, shave telecom costs by 40% percent. By automating employee travel requests, the company can provide international plans and features to users as needed rather than leaving them active all year, lowering the average cost per device from $110 per device to less than $65 today.

Johnny also helps Rolls-Royce reduce the time it takes to perform routine tasks such as placing asset orders and changing service plan features. When assisted by Otto (our email parser bot) and Audrey (our chatbot), Johnny transforms activities that used to take several minutes into tasks that only require seconds to complete.

The Mobility Program Manager at Rolls-Royce summed it up best: “I was a little suspicious when Tangoe’s Solutions Architect said he was going to save me 12% to 17% month-over-month. In fact, I gave him ‘the skeptical squint.’ I told him if he could save me 12% a quarter, I’d still be all-in. That was three years ago, and he’s delivered on his promise. I’m a Tangoe believer now!”

(For more about this, read the Rolls-Royce Case Study in Tangoe’s Resource Center. And if you haven’t met Tangoe’s Go Bot family yet—Audrey, Johnny, Otto, Mikey, and Rosie—you need to read this, too.)

Take a Closer Look at Tangoe LIVE

“Advanced Automation and Business Process Orchestration” will be featured as one of the more than 40 breakout sessions and learning tracks at Tangoe LIVE 2019. Joan Schrenkel, Tangoe MMS Director of Automation Engineering and Abdul Elantably, Tangoe MMS Product Manager, will lead the session and introduce attendees to Tangoe’s Go Bot family.

Register for Tangoe LIVE 2019 today—Johnny, Audrey, Otto, Mikey, and Rosie will meet you there in May!