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Tangoe Peeks Through 2016’s Curtain with Its Cloud and Mobile Predictions


This time of year, CIOs and IT Directors are reflecting on a year that was fraught with challenges and opportunities, from cyber-threats and the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) to the need to better manage cloud services and to modernize enterprise mobile strategies. Looking forward at 2016 the enterprise IT landscape will continue to evolve as smartphones and tablets become more embedded throughout the business and CIOs look to further control their environments. Here are just a few of our mobile and cloud predictions for the upcoming year.

Moving towards platform agnostic cloud services

With enterprise consumers seeking more options and control for their cloud needs, we will no longer see loyalty to one cloud platform. Cloud providers will need to be able to adapt to the ever-changing demands of enterprises across all industries. As CIOs have more options to choose from, service providers will need to focus on improving the value of their offering both from a features and a cost perspective. Cloud service providers will also need to adapt to a more open ecosystem, making it easier for enterprises to transfer data from different services.

Migration from private to hybrid cloud

Traditionally, most enterprises have used private clouds for their core business needs. As cloud types evolve, companies are beginning to see the only way to get an authentic cloud service is to move to the public cloud. As such, businesses have begun merging their private cloud services with public cloud services for an optimal cloud offering.

IoT devices will still lag behind traditional activations

As the proliferation of IoT connected devices continue to penetrate the consumer market, the adoption of such devices in the enterprise continues to be slow. While we may see some small businesses take advantage of consumer focused products like Google’s Nest, enterprises will wait until more clear-cut, business-ready, applications and tools are developed before adopting the technology. These solutions will likely be highly industry specific.  In 2016, IT leaders should begin to think about the polices that need to be developed to enable IoT adoption so that when the applications are ready, so is the enterprise.

BYOD will shift focus from a device liability model to a much deeper (and more valuable) consideration of the end to end enterprise mobility experience

With employees constantly seeking out the most up-to-date devices to streamline their work activities, enterprises are also on the lookout to make this happen in the most cost-efficient way possible. Organizations will provide the most effective device needed to accomplish the task to enhance the overall business flow of actions and reduce the amount of unnecessary devices. Through this process, we will begin to see enterprises’ focus shift from mobilizing the workforce to mobilizing the business.

The key theme running throughout these 2016 predictions is the concept of personalization of IT-related mobile and cloud activities. Consumers are no longer just expecting a high level of personalization in their everyday lives, but they’re demanding it which spills over into the professional arena. As such, enterprises will continually adapt to meet the needs of cloud and mobile personalization in the work place.

These are just a few of Tangoe’s thoughts on what will change in the enterprise for 2016. Please check out all of our expectations in Tangoe’s Predictions for 2016 eBook.