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Looking Ahead to Tangoe LIVE 2018

I’m looking forward with great excitement to Tangoe LIVE, May 20-23 at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL. For many years, this conference has connected the Tangoe  team with clients, partners, and industry experts. We all share the same vision that people work smarter when technology works for them.

Today, every business is being impacted by the fast-changing world of technology. Mobile devices are in the hands of front-line employees. Artificial intelligence is coming to fruition. The Internet of Things is rising. Autonomous automobiles are on the roads, and robots are everywhere on the production lines.

Every enterprise needs to think about the expectations of its customers and the how it connects with its customers. This is what we mean by “Work Smarter” – the theme for Tangoe LIVE 2018.

I’m especially looking forward to the feature keynotes from innovation expert, Stephen Shapiro, and Founder and Principal Analyst at Lopez Research, Maribel Lopez. Stephen will discuss how enterprises can re-think key business problems and create cultures of innovation within their organization. And Maribel will talk about how technology empowers workers to increase productivity and do more for their customers.

Incidentally, Maribel has provided Tangoe with strategic guidance on product positioning and technology to a variety of clients, from start-ups to established Fortune 20 companies. She is helping us to work smarter too! And today’s Tangoe is the industry standard in global TEM solutions. The world’s leading brands trust us to manage their mobility programs through our scalable technology solutions, helping them reduce costs, increase productivity, and deliver predictable results. We’re building a legacy of helping customers like you optimize their technology expenses.

People work smarter when technology works for them.

I hope to see you live at Tangoe LIVE!